How to order a work of art for leasing?

To order a work in leasing:

  1. Click on the “available for leasing” link on the work you wish to acquire
  2. Provide all requested items (see below)
  3. Our financial partner will give you its response within 48 hours

Once your file is accepted, the order is validated and the artist sends you the work!

Who is the financing of a leased work of art intended for?

Our offer, adapted to professionals (companies, liberal professions, self-employed), is intended for those subject to corporate or income tax. It concerns the entities:

  • Registered in France, Belgium, Luxembourg or Monaco
  • Having at least a first tax assessment or six months of activity proven by verifiable turnover and six months of bank statements.
  • Beneficiaries must also have a professional space open to the public (customers, partners, employees, etc.).

From what amount is leasing available?

We offer our services for amounts starting from €2000, without maximum ceiling, subject to the balance between the rental charge and the turnover of the company.

Documents necessary for a leasing file:

To set up financing, we require the following elements:

  • The company's latest available balance sheet (or form 2035)
  • A copy of the identity document of the company manager
  • A RIB of the professional account
  • A Kbis extract (for companies)
  • The email and cell phone of the company manager.

Possible rental duration

Concerning the rental period, it is possible to spread the rental payments over a period ranging from 13 to 60 months. We recommend keeping annual rents below 5% of the company's turnover for optimal financial and fiscal balance.

Insurance included

We offer “All Risks” insurance for works of art for the entire rental period, providing comprehensive protection against various risks. Please note that the financing proposal does not include insurance coverage for death or disability.

Leasing simulation for a work at €10,000

Here is an example of financing by leasing a work with a purchase price of €10,000 including tax, based on the total invoice amount. This simulation is suitable for companies subject to IS and recovering VAT. The profitability calculation varies depending on the tax regime (IS or IR) and the recovery of VAT.
It is important to note that this simulation is provided as an example, a formal proposal will be sent to you only after approval of the file by our accreditation committee (it will remain valid for two months).

Application fees
Administrative fees may be invoiced by the selected partner (capped at €80 including tax).

Long-term resale value
For €10,000 financed, the long-term resale value is €300 excluding tax (i.e. 3% excluding tax).

Tax savings
Rent constitutes a 100% tax deductible operating expense, and you can recover VAT on each rent if you are subject to this tax. As an indication, this deduction also allows you to reduce part of your taxable income and the associated social charges (this gain is not calculated here).

Important: Please note that the information and examples provided on this page are for informational purposes only; only the stipulations detailed in the final rental contract will be legally and legally applicable.

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