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Artmajeur has already received thousands of 5 stars reviews by satisfied customers!

Artmajeur Reviews: 4.9/5

Google Reviews: 4.9/5

Facebook Reviews: 4.9/5

We have gathered on this page the most common questions asked by art lovers, artists or gallery owners, who wish to buy or sell works of art on Artmajeur.

What do Artmajeur customers think?
Artmajeur has already received thousands of 5-star reviews! Users give Artmajeur an "Excellent" rating: you can read many testimonials from satisfied customers on the internet.

Where to find opinions about Artmajeur?
You can read thousands of Artmajeur customers testimonials on:
Trustpilot, Google, Facebook and Artmajeur.

How many Artmajeur users are there?
Artmajeur works with nearly 200,000 artists from all over the world. The marketplace receives more than one million visitors every month.

Is Artmajeur reliable?
Yes, Artmajeur is the first art gallery on the internet. Artmajeur serves thousands of customers around the world every year.

Is Artmajeur legit?
Yes, the Artmajeur online gallery website was created in 2000 by Samuel Charmetant and Yann Sarazin. It is the oldest online art gallery. The site is currently operated by the company ARTMAJEUR SARL, whose head office is based in Clapiers (France).

What is the best online art gallery?
Artmajeur is arguably the best online art gallery as it provides the largest online inventory of original artworks, and one of the lowest sale commission.

Where can I sell my works of art on the internet?
Artmajeur is an excellent platform for selling works of art: completely free and unlimited, with one of the lowest sales commissions on the market.

Artmajeur allows artists and art sellers to create a virtual art gallery for free in just a few clicks: all you have to do is fill in your seller profile, upload the works and the virtual gallery is automatically created in 13 languages.

What percentage does a gallery owner take?
Artmajeur takes a commission of 15% to 35% on sales, this is one of the lowest sales commissions on the market. Art galleries take on average fifty percent and sometimes up to seventy percent of the amount of the transaction.

How to get exhibited in an art gallery?
Presenting and selling your works on Artmajeur is a great way to get noticed by art galleries or artistic agents. The linking system on Artmajeur allows many artists to receive exhibition proposals from physical galleries.

How do online art galleries work?
Basically, it's like a classic art gallery but instead of operating from a physical location in the city, online galleries like Artmajeur use integrated e-commerce solution, or, to put it another way, they post photographs and descriptions of artworks on their website with a "buy" button next to it, allowing collectors to place orders online.

What is a digital gallery?
A digital gallery may be characterized in its most fundamental sense as an online venue for the presentation of works of art of any type.

The primary distinction that can be made between an art gallery and a museum is that the latter is considered to be a place of amusement: going to a museum is considered to be an activity. On the other hand, an art gallery is a kind of retail establishment that both shows and sells items.

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