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1,332 Original Drawings & Illustrations For Sale:

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Explore all styles and techniques of drawing: contemporary art, street-art, abstract art, figurative art, landscapes, portraits, scene of life, nudes, pencil, ink, charcoal, pastel… Artmajeur caters to all sensibilities artistic and celebrating beauty by your side for 20 years with more than 2 million contemporary works of art to discover ... or acquire! The world benchmark for artistic designs. Discover works by contemporary artists from around the world to decorate your interior with class! Simple art lover or confirmed collector? Find the drawing or the favorite sketch that will really highlight your decoration. Artmajeur offers you original works, limited editions and art prints by the best contemporary artists in the world. On Artmajeur, the drawings are selected by enthusiasts and experts in the art market. We select for you the original works of trendy, award-winning and recognized designers as well as the new rising values in the field of contemporary art to guide you and help you in your process of buying Art drawings online.

Discover contemporary Abstract Drawings on Artmajeur

Contemporary abstract drawings are a vibrant and expressive form of original artwork. These pieces are made using a variety of supports, including paper, canvas, and even walls. The materials used also vary widely, from traditional pencils and inks to more experimental materials such as spray paint and markers. What makes contemporary abstract drawings unique is their emphasis on the emotional and expressive qualities of marks and color. Rather than representing the world around us, these works invite us to explore the inner landscapes of the artist’s mind. As we engage with these pieces, we are invited to let go of our expectations and allow ourselves to be moved by the raw power of color and form.

Drawing,  21x14.8 cm
Métabyssal Drawing, 21x14.8 cm
©2021 Vic

Origins and History

Contemporary abstract drawings have a rich history that dates back to the early 20th century. Artists such as Wassily Kandinsky and Kazimir Malevich were pioneers of abstract art, creating works that broke away from the traditional representational style. The mid-20th century saw the emergence of abstract expressionism, a movement that emphasized the artist’s emotional and physical involvement in the creation of the artwork.

Drawing,  30.3x24.2 cm
Man Drawing, 30.3x24.2 cm
©2011 Elena Bondarenko Artist represented by ArtRewards

Evolutions of theses works in the contemporary art market

Contemporary abstract drawings have undergone a significant evolution in recent years, with artists experimenting with new techniques and materials to create innovative works that challenge the traditional boundaries of art. These drawings are important in the contemporary art market because they offer a fresh perspective on the genre, pushing the boundaries of what we expect from abstract art.

Drawing,  100x70 cm
Sans-titre Drawing, 100x70 cm
©2021 Valérie Perlein

Related Famous Artists

Contemporary abstract drawing artists are admired for their ability to create complex and intriguing works that are both visually stunning and intellectually stimulating. Among the most renowned artists in this field are:

  1. Julie Mehretu: This Ethiopian-American artist is known for creating large-scale, layered abstract drawings that explore themes of globalization, power, and identity. Her works often feature dynamic lines and shapes that seem to swirl and collide, creating a sense of movement and energy.

  2. Cy Twombly: Twombly’s abstract drawings are characterized by their loose, gestural lines and scribbles, which he often layers and collages with other materials such as paint and wax. His works are known for their emotional intensity and poetic quality.

  3. Tomma Abts: Abts creates intricate abstract drawings that combine geometric shapes and bold colors in unexpected ways. Her works have a hypnotic quality that draws the viewer in, inviting them to explore the complex interplay of forms and colors.

  4. Christopher Wool: Wool’s abstract drawings often feature bold black and white patterns that are both graphic and gestural. His works explore the tension between order and chaos, and the ways in which language and communication can break down.

  5. Agnes Martin: Martin’s abstract drawings are characterized by their delicate, grid-like structures and subtle use of color. Her works are meditative and contemplative, inviting the viewer to slow down and reflect on the beauty of simplicity.

Whether exploring themes of globalization, power, and identity, or delving into the tension between order and chaos, these contemporary abstract drawing artists continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in this exciting and dynamic field.

Drawing,  65x50 cm
DECEMBRE 2023 Drawing, 65x50 cm
©2023 Arnaud Broutin

Notable contemporary Abstract Drawings

Contemporary abstract drawings are diverse and captivating works of art that convey a wide range of emotions and ideas. Here are some well-known examples:

  • "No. 61 (Rust and Blue)" by Mark Rothko (1953) This large-scale painting features Rothko’s signature style of layered, luminous rectangles of color. The rust and blue tones evoke a sense of warmth and depth, while the blurred edges suggest a sense of movement and ambiguity.

  • "White Center" by Jackson Pollock (1950) This iconic drip painting is a prime example of Pollock’s technique of pouring, dripping, and splattering paint onto the canvas. The white center of the painting is surrounded by a flurry of black, gray, and silver marks, creating a dynamic sense of energy and chaos.

  • "Number 17A" by Franz Kline (1952) This black-and-white painting features bold, sweeping brushstrokes that create a sense of movement and depth. The stark contrast of the black against the white background creates a striking visual impact.

  • "Autumn Rhythm (Number 30)" by Jackson Pollock (1950) This painting is another classic example of Pollock’s drip technique, but with a more subdued color palette of brown, beige, and white. The complex web of lines and drips creates a sense of rhythm and flow, evoking the feeling of a musical composition.

  • "Blue Poles" by Jackson Pollock (1952) This painting features a series of long, thin poles painted in shades of blue and green, surrounded by a flurry of drips and splatters. The poles create a sense of verticality and order amidst the chaos of the rest of the painting.

These contemporary abstract drawings showcase the power of color, form, and gesture to convey a wide range of emotions and ideas. Whether through Rothko’s luminous rectangles, Pollock’s chaotic drips, or Kline’s bold brushstrokes, these Artworks capture the imagination and invite the viewer to explore the depths of abstraction.

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Drawing titled "Métabyssal" by Vic, Original Artwork, Marker
Métabyssal - Drawing, 21x14.8 cm ©2021 by Vic - Abstract, abstract-570, Abstract, Hachure, Structure, Psyché, Pléonasme



Marker on Paper | 21x14.8 cm

Drawing titled "DECEMBRE 2023" by Arnaud Broutin, Original Artwork, Ink
DECEMBRE 2023 - Drawing, 65x50 cm ©2023 by Arnaud Broutin - Abstract, abstract-570, Cat, abstrait, cat, chat, dessin, arnaud broutin

Arnaud Broutin


Ink on Paper | 65x50 cm

Prints available
Drawing titled "Signe Ligne Imagine…" by Abricodéal Îles, Original Artwork, Ink
Signe Ligne Imagine 2. Renaît - Drawing, 27x45 cm ©2024 by Abricodéal Îles - Abstract, abstract-570, Women Portraits, Encre de Chine, Noir, Lune, Soleil, Planète, Femme, Signe

Abricodéal Îles

"Signe Ligne Imagine 2. Renaît"

Ink on Paper | 27x45 cm

Prints available
Drawing titled "Abstract No 5" by Cerde, Original Artwork, Ballpoint pen
Abstract No 5 - Drawing, 27.9x35.6 cm ©2023 by Cerde - Abstract, abstract-570, Nature, abstract, abstract landscape, drawing, black and white, dynamic movement


"Abstract No 5"

Ballpoint pen on Paper | 27.9x35.6 cm

Prints available
Drawing titled "3\4" by Pelletier, Original Artwork, Pencil
3\4 - Drawing, 44x68.5 cm ©2023 by Pelletier - Abstract, abstract-570, Abstract



Pencil on Cardboard | 44x68.5 cm

Drawing titled "Słuchacz opowieści" by Anna Jedynak, Original Artwork, Ballpoint pen
Słuchacz opowieści - Drawing, 29.7x21 cm ©2023 by Anna Jedynak - Abstract, abstract-570, Women Portraits, kobieta, szkic, portret, rysunek, tusz, długopis, czarno biały, sketch, amator, twarz, spojrzenie, salon, obraz na ścianę, obraz do gabinetu

Anna Jedynak

"Słuchacz opowieści"

Ballpoint pen on Paper | 29.7x21 cm

Drawing titled "D.A. N°:047" by Hakan Portakal, Original Artwork, Marker
D.A. N°:047 - Drawing, 42x30 cm ©2023 by Hakan Portakal - Abstract, abstract-570, Abstract

Hakan Portakal

"D.A. N°:047"

Marker on Paper | 42x30 cm

Drawing titled "BLUE DAY" by Luc Pierre, Original Artwork, Pastel
BLUE DAY - Drawing, 30x40 cm ©2023 by Luc Pierre - Abstract, abstract-570, Abstract, abstract, abstrait, pastel, oilpastel, drawing, handdraw, dessin, papier, paper, color, couleur

Luc Pierre


Pastel on Paper | 30x40 cm

Drawing titled "Untitled (20231121)" by Kazuhiro Higashi, Original Artwork, Acrylic
Untitled (20231121) - Drawing, 45.9x32.8 cm ©2023 by Kazuhiro Higashi - Abstract, abstract-570, Abstract, abstract, drawing, painting, black and white, mixed media

Kazuhiro Higashi

"Untitled (20231121)"

Acrylic on Linen Canvas | 45.9x32.8 cm

Drawing titled "flowerquartett" by Josef Hirthammer, Original Artwork, Charcoal
flowerquartett - Drawing, 50x75 cm ©2023 by Josef Hirthammer - Abstract, abstract-570, Flower

Josef Hirthammer


Charcoal on Synthetic board | 50x75 cm

Drawing titled "Perspective Study" by Álvaro Urbanos Jiménez, Original Artwork, Pencil
Perspective Study - Drawing, 65x50 cm ©2023 by Álvaro Urbanos Jiménez - Abstract, abstract-570, Geometric, Geometría, Perspectiva, Pirámide, Face

Álvaro Urbanos Jiménez

"Perspective Study"

Pencil on Cardboard | 65x50 cm

Prints available
Drawing titled "SKETCH#399" by Jim Williams, Original Artwork, Acrylic
SKETCH#399 - Drawing, 61.6x82.6 cm ©2023 by Jim Williams - Abstract, abstract-570, Abstract, ACRYLIC, INK, BRUSH, PAPER, ARCHIVAL, DRAWING, RED, YELLOW, BLACK, PURPLE, Abstract, expressionism

Jim Williams


Acrylic on Paper | 61.6x82.6 cm

Prints available
Drawing titled "Man" by Elena Bondarenko, Original Artwork, Oil
Man - Drawing, 30.3x24.2 cm ©2011 by Elena Bondarenko - Abstract, abstract-570, Abstract

Elena Bondarenko


Oil on Canvas | 30.3x24.2 cm

Drawing titled "Drawing 450" by Sumit Ratta, Original Artwork, Ink
Drawing 450 - Drawing, 76.2x55.9 cm ©2023 by Sumit Ratta - Abstract, abstract-570, Colorful, lgbt, rainbow colours, colourful abstract, layers, mixed media, mixed media drawing, colourful drawing, multicolour drawing

Sumit Ratta

"Drawing 450"

Ink on Paper | 76.2x55.9 cm

Prints available
Drawing titled "Ambivalent" by Smvj Wijebandara, Original Artwork, Watercolor
Ambivalent - Drawing, 61x61 cm ©2023 by Smvj Wijebandara - Abstract, abstract-570, Colorful, art, artgallery, artificialintelligence, artistsoninstagram, artist, artoftheday, artwork, CanvasPainting, paintings, watercolorpainting, watercolor, oilpainting, viralartist, virals, pencilart, pencildrawing, pencil, drawing, draw, drawingoftheday

Smvj Wijebandara


Watercolor on Canvas | 61x61 cm

Prints available
Drawing titled "Fragments de vie" by Tereza De Almeida De Giorgi (Kaomento), Original Artwork, Ink Mounted on Other rigid pa…
Fragments de vie - Drawing, 100x70 cm ©2023 by Tereza De Almeida De Giorgi (Kaomento) - Abstract, abstract-570, Landscape, fenêtre, vitres, ville, montagnes, nature, couleurs, cathédrale, temples, scène, oiseaux, soleil, astres, fleurs, construction

Tereza De Almeida De Giorgi (Kaomento)

"Fragments de vie"

Ink on Cardboard | 100x70 cm

Prints available
Drawing titled "con/struct_233" by Ernst Kruijff, Original Artwork, Ink
con/struct_233 - Drawing, 24.3x15.3 cm ©2023 by Ernst Kruijff - Abstract, abstract-570, Geometric, dynamic, line work, circles, nordic, japanese graphic design, Bauhaus

Ernst Kruijff


Ink on Paper | 24.3x15.3 cm

Drawing titled "SUNNY 4" by Kyriakos Papadopoulos, Original Artwork, Ink
SUNNY 4 - Drawing, 42x29.7 cm ©2023 by Kyriakos Papadopoulos - Abstract, abstract-570, Abstract

Kyriakos Papadopoulos


Ink on Paper | 42x29.7 cm

Drawing titled "Envolée Céleste" by Manon Horrigue, Original Artwork, Pencil
Envolée Céleste - Drawing, 32x24 cm ©2022 by Manon Horrigue - Abstract, abstract-570

Manon Horrigue

"Envolée Céleste"

Pencil on Paper | 32x24 cm

Drawing titled "SANS TITRE 2" by Christophe Le Bihan, Original Artwork, Acrylic
SANS TITRE 2 - Drawing, 32x24 cm ©2023 by Christophe Le Bihan - Abstract, abstract-570, Colorful

Christophe Le Bihan


Acrylic on Paper | 32x24 cm

Drawing titled "Lâcher prise 3" by Carole Labeyrie (Karolab), Original Artwork, Ink
Lâcher prise 3 - Drawing, 21x21 cm ©2022 by Carole Labeyrie (Karolab) - Abstract, abstract-570, Abstract, création instantanée, collage, dessin

Carole Labeyrie (Karolab)

"Lâcher prise 3"

Ink on Paper | 21x21 cm

Prints available
Drawing titled "L'oeil bleu" by Art De Noé, Original Artwork, Acrylic
L'oeil bleu - Drawing, 29.7x21 cm ©2023 by Art De Noé - Abstract, abstract-570, Portrait, cubism, abstract, abstractfigurative, contemporaryart, newstyle, lineart, urbanart, paintingonpaper, artdenoe

Art De Noé

"L'oeil bleu"

Acrylic on Paper | 29.7x21 cm

Drawing titled "PM095" by Jean Marc Louis, Original Artwork, Pastel
PM095 - Drawing, 10x10 cm ©2023 by Jean Marc Louis - Abstract, abstract-570, Landscape, dessin, abstrait, pastel, noir et blanc

Jean Marc Louis


Pastel on Paper | 10x10 cm

On Request
Drawing titled "En suspens" by Céline Argence, Original Artwork, Ink
En suspens - Drawing, 70x30 cm ©2020 by Céline Argence - Abstract, abstract-570, Animal

Céline Argence

"En suspens"

Ink on Paper | 70x30 cm

Drawing titled "Sans-titre" by Valérie Perlein, Original Artwork, Charcoal
Sans-titre - Drawing, 100x70 cm ©2021 by Valérie Perlein - Abstract, abstract-570, Male Nudes, Nu, Dessin contemporain, Fusain

Valérie Perlein


Charcoal on Paper | 100x70 cm

Drawing titled "Vibrations" by Remi Delaplace, Original Artwork, Charcoal Mounted on Wood Stretcher frame
Vibrations - Drawing, 59x138 cm ©2005 by Remi Delaplace - Abstract, abstract-570, Abstract, ABSTRAIT, MUSIQUE, PARTITION, VIBRATION

Remi Delaplace


Charcoal on Paper | 59x138 cm

Drawing titled "Bat. Flying fox." by Vasyl Pal, Original Artwork, Pencil
Bat. Flying fox. - Drawing, 31x52 cm ©2023 by Vasyl Pal - Abstract, abstract-570, Geometric

Vasyl Pal

"Bat. Flying fox."

Pencil on Paper | 31x52 cm

Drawing titled "inter-directional" by Haolin Zou, Original Artwork, Pastel
inter-directional - Drawing, 17.5x13.5 cm ©2022 by Haolin Zou - Abstract, abstract-570, Geometric

Haolin Zou


Pastel on Canvas | 17.5x13.5 cm

Drawing titled "Ohne Titel" by Joachim John, Original Artwork, Ink
Ohne Titel - Drawing, 18x36 cm ©2014 by Joachim John - Abstract, abstract-570, Colorful

Joachim John

"Ohne Titel"

Ink on Paper | 18x36 cm

Prints available
Drawing titled "GOVERNMENT SPACE TR…" by Jonathan Wain, Original Artwork, Pastel
GOVERNMENT SPACE TRAVEL - Drawing, 42x59 cm ©2023 by Jonathan Wain - Abstract, abstract-570, Graffiti, horse head, nasa, basquiat, basquiat x warhol, banksy, picasso

Jonathan Wain


Pastel on Paper | 42x59 cm

Prints available
Drawing titled "Lost and Found #17" by Francesco D'Adamo, Original Artwork, Acrylic Mounted on Cardboard
Lost and Found #17 - Drawing, 40x50 cm ©2023 by Francesco D'Adamo - Abstract, abstract-570, Abstract, small, paper, gift idea, painting, drawing, contemporary, dreaming, street, urban, modern, colorful

Francesco D'Adamo

"Lost and Found #17"

Acrylic on Paper | 40x50 cm

Drawing titled "365 31/01/2022" by Ana-Paula Bès, Original Artwork, Ink
365 31/01/2022 - Drawing, 30x24 cm ©2022 by Ana-Paula Bès - Abstract, abstract-570

Ana-Paula Bès

"365 31/01/2022"

Ink on Paper | 30x24 cm

Prints available
Drawing titled "45b." by Afonso Costa, Original Artwork, Pastel
45b. - Drawing, 29.7x21 cm ©2019 by Afonso Costa - Abstract, abstract-570, Colorful, modern, abstract, colors, green, circles

Afonso Costa


Pastel on Paper | 29.7x21 cm

Drawing titled "Column (IV-IV)" by Anton Terziev, Original Artwork, Ink
Column (IV-IV) - Drawing, 70x50 cm ©1999 by Anton Terziev - Abstract, abstract-570, Abstract, anton terziev, bulgarian artist, neoabstract, dots, ink on paper, gift, interior, love, life, art collection

Anton Terziev

"Column (IV-IV)"

Ink on Paper | 70x50 cm

Drawing titled "TULIP FEVER XVI" by Nives Palmić, Original Artwork, Pastel
TULIP FEVER XVI - Drawing, 20x29 cm ©2023 by Nives Palmić - Abstract, abstract-570, Nature, contemporary drawing, modern composition, tulips abstract, pastel abstract drawing, color harmonies, bold colors, tulip fever, dessin contemporain, couleurs vives, composition moderne, tulipes abstraites, dessin au pastel

Nives Palmić


Pastel on Paper | 20x29 cm

Prints available
Drawing titled "Penelope’s Odyssey…" by Kerry O. Furlani, Original Artwork, Charcoal
Penelope’s Odyssey (the silenced woman) - Drawing, 76.2x55.9 cm ©2023 by Kerry O. Furlani - Abstract, abstract-570, Politics, mythology, women, politics

Kerry O. Furlani

"Penelope’s Odyssey (the silenced woman)"

Charcoal on Paper | 76.2x55.9 cm

Prints available


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