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Introducing "Elevate Your Space" Abstract Sculpture Collection Transform your living or workspace into a captivating art haven with our stunning Abstract Sculpture Collection. Each piece in this exclusive collection is a testament to[...]

Introducing "Elevate Your Space" Abstract Sculpture Collection

Transform your living or workspace into a captivating art haven with our stunning Abstract Sculpture Collection. Each piece in this exclusive collection is a testament to creativity, imagination, and the beauty of abstraction. Elevate your surroundings with these unique sculptures, designed to inspire and ignite conversations.

🌟 Why Choose Our Abstract Sculptures?

  1. Uniqueness: Our abstract sculptures are one-of-a-kind pieces, handcrafted by talented artists who pour their passion into every creation. You won't find duplicates anywhere else.

  2. Expressive Art: Abstract sculptures offer a powerful form of expression, making a bold statement in any setting. They challenge conventional thinking and invite viewers to interpret the art in their own unique way.

  3. Versatility: Whether you're decorating your home, office, or outdoor space, our sculptures seamlessly blend with any décor style. Choose from a variety of sizes and materials to suit your taste.

  4. Investment in Beauty: These sculptures aren't just decorations; they're investments in the beauty and culture of your surroundings. They appreciate in value over time, making them a wise choice for art collectors.

🎨 Explore Our Diverse Collection:

🔹 Metallic Marvels: Crafted from premium metals, our metallic abstract sculptures shimmer with elegance and sophistication. They add a touch of modern luxury to your environment.

🔹 Stone Serenity: Discover the serenity of natural stone abstract sculptures. Each piece tells a story of nature's beauty, bringing an organic and calming energy to your space.

🔹 Glass Elegance: For a touch of transparency and light, our glass abstract sculptures exude elegance and grace. They play with light and shadow, creating a dynamic focal point.

🔹 Wooden Wonders: Embrace the warmth and texture of wood in our wooden abstract sculptures. These pieces exude a rustic charm and blend seamlessly with various design themes.

🌟 Commission Your Dream Sculpture:

Want something truly unique? Our talented artists can create custom abstract sculptures tailored to your vision. Whether it's a specific size, material, or concept, we'll bring your dream sculpture to life.

🤝 Join the Art Conversation:

With our abstract sculptures, you become part of a global conversation about art, imagination, and the power of creativity. Experience the magic of abstract art by bringing these captivating sculptures into your world.

📞 Contact us today to start your journey into the world of abstract sculpture. Elevate your space with beauty, meaning, and inspiration. Make a statement. Embrace the abstract.

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Sculpture titled "La guêpe [Ossa]" by Andrii Kyrychenko, Original Artwork, Ceramics
La guêpe [Ossa] - Sculpture, 23x27x25 cm ©2020 by Andrii Kyrychenko - Abstract, abstract-570, Nature, coquillage, shell, mer, marin, coquille, guêpe, ukraine, kyiv, céramique, sculpture

Andrii Kyrychenko

"La guêpe [Ossa]"

Sculpture - Ceramics | 23x27x25 cm

Sculpture titled "Emergence" by Nathalie Cirino, Original Artwork, Stone
Emergence - Sculpture, 17x21x15 cm ©2020 by Nathalie Cirino - Abstract, abstract-570, Love, contemporain, archaïque, architectural, douceur, mélange, matières

Nathalie Cirino


Sculpture - Stone | 17x21x15 cm

Sculpture titled "Basins" by Joe Mamer, Original Artwork, Wood
Basins - Sculpture, 26x15.9x4.5 cm ©2022 by Joe Mamer - Abstract, abstract-570, Geometric, carving, wood, sculpture, walnut, abstract, geometric

Joe Mamer


Sculpture - Wood | 26x15.9x4.5 cm

Sculpture titled "Circulations in Nat…" by Wiktor Kopacz, Original Artwork, Aluminium
Circulations in Nature - Sculpture, 62.5x25x20 cm ©2014 by Wiktor Kopacz - Abstract, abstract-570

Wiktor Kopacz

"Circulations in Nature"

Sculpture - Aluminium | 62.5x25x20 cm

Sculpture titled "Udgam - The Wave of…" by Aarti Gupta Bhadauria, Original Artwork, Terra cotta
Udgam - The Wave of Origin - Sculpture, 35.6x30.5x25.4 cm ©2021 by Aarti Gupta Bhadauria - Abstract, abstract-570, Abstract, terracotta, sculpture, modern art, ceramics

Aarti Gupta Bhadauria

"Udgam - The Wave of Origin"

Sculpture - Terra cotta | 35.6x30.5x25.4 cm

Sculpture titled "Intermitencia" by Aramis Justiz Perera, Original Artwork, Metals
Intermitencia - Sculpture, 218x58x41 cm ©2023 by Aramis Justiz Perera - Abstract, abstract-570, Geometric, life, blue, garden, interior desin, elgance, public art, steel, vertical

Aramis Justiz Perera


Sculpture - Metals | 218x58x41 cm

Sculpture titled "Water composition" by Vladimir Fomin, Original Artwork, Bronze
Water composition - Sculpture, 35x28x6 cm ©2023 by Vladimir Fomin - Abstract, abstract-570, Geometric

Vladimir Fomin

"Water composition"

Sculpture - Bronze | 35x28x6 cm

Sculpture titled "Drei geometrische v…" by Paul Bán, Original Artwork, Metals
Drei geometrische verwandte Körper - Sculpture, 25x35x11 cm ©2021 by Paul Bán - Abstract, abstract-570, Geometric

Paul Bán

"Drei geometrische verwandte Körper"

Sculpture - Metals | 25x35x11 cm

Sculpture titled "Rico" by Les Têtes Dures, Original Artwork, Concrete
Rico - Sculpture, 20x10x10 cm ©2023 by Les Têtes Dures - Abstract, abstract-570, Geometric

Les Têtes Dures


Sculpture - Concrete | 20x10x10 cm

Sculpture titled "L’oiseau" by Vincent Ochs, Original Artwork, Stone
L’oiseau - Sculpture, 60x28x19 cm ©2023 by Vincent Ochs - Abstract, abstract-570, Abstract, Serpentine, Courbe, Ligne sinueuse, Forme abstraite

Vincent Ochs


Sculpture - Stone | 60x28x19 cm

Sculpture titled "AB - groß  Nr. 17" by Nicola Reich, Original Artwork, Paper
AB - groß Nr. 17 - Sculpture, 108x31x30 cm ©2000 by Nicola Reich - Abstract, abstract-570, Abstract, Papierskulptur, Paper Art, Sand, Papier, Braun

Nicola Reich

"AB - groß Nr. 17"

Sculpture - Paper | 108x31x30 cm

Sculpture titled "Fate lines" by Valeriy Osmakov, Original Artwork, Wood
Fate lines - Sculpture, 87x36x40 cm ©2023 by Valeriy Osmakov - Abstract, abstract-570, Geometric, contempruary, sculpture, homedecor, decor, interior, simbol, interiordecor, decoration

Valeriy Osmakov

"Fate lines"

Sculpture - Wood | 87x36x40 cm

Sculpture titled "Boucle" by Marina Nimmo, Original Artwork, Ceramics
Boucle - Sculpture, 58x83x57 cm ©2022 by Marina Nimmo - Abstract, abstract-570, Nature

Marina Nimmo


Sculpture - Ceramics | 58x83x57 cm

Sculpture titled "Flight at sunrise 1…" by Karen Axikyan, Original Artwork, Stone
Flight at sunrise 13x13x11cm 1.6kg Iron,Copper,Tufa - Sculpture, 13x13x11 cm ©2022 by Karen Axikyan - Abstract, abstract-570, Bird, bird sculpture, wire sculpture, iron sculpture, creative sculpture, original sculpture

Karen Axikyan

"Flight at sunrise 13x13x11cm 1.6kg Iron,Copper,Tufa"

Sculpture - Stone | 13x13x11 cm

Sculpture titled "Cosmicomica" by Enzoyote, Original Artwork, Stone
Cosmicomica - Sculpture, 15x40x40 cm ©2022 by Enzoyote - Abstract, abstract-570, Abstract, abstraction naturelle, enzoyote, marbre, marble, cosmicomica, sculpture cinétique, kinetic sculpture



Sculpture - Stone | 15x40x40 cm

Sculpture titled "Akanthus" by Michael Hitschold, Original Artwork, Metals
Akanthus - Sculpture, 119x30x18 cm ©2020 by Michael Hitschold - Abstract, abstract-570, skulptur, metall, hitschold

Michael Hitschold


Sculpture - Metals | 119x30x18 cm

Sculpture titled "Conexion XIV" by Lito, Original Artwork, Concrete
Conexion XIV - Sculpture, 57x54x34 cm ©2023 by Lito - Abstract, abstract-570, Geometric, geometric, rust, oxide, concrete, iron


"Conexion XIV"

Sculpture - Concrete | 57x54x34 cm

Sculpture titled "Miroir "Expérience"" by Frank Dreyer, Original Artwork, Wood Mounted on Wood Panel
Miroir "Expérience" - Sculpture, 60x86x6.4 cm ©2020 by Frank Dreyer - Abstract, abstract-570, Fantasy, Artganique, Style art nouveau, Cadre sculpté, Miroir sculpté, Érable sculpté, Cadre de miroir en bois, Sculpture murale, Sculpture décoration, Sculpture murale bois, Sculpteur, Sculptor, Wall decoration, Wood carving sculpture, Sycamore maple, Wood wall decoration, Wood carver, Wood frame carving, Wood carving mirror frame, Frank Dreyer, Experience

Frank Dreyer

"Miroir "Expérience""

Sculpture - Wood | 60x86x6.4 cm

Sculpture titled "Infini II" by Emma Lapassouze, Original Artwork, Stainless Steel
Infini II - Sculpture, 64x53x10 cm ©2023 by Emma Lapassouze - Abstract, abstract-570, Abstract, cosmos, nature, espace, univers

Emma Lapassouze

"Infini II"

Sculpture - Stainless Steel | 64x53x10 cm

On Request
Sculpture titled ""Vessel #74—Westerl…" by Jeff Key, Original Artwork, Wood
"Vessel #74—Westerly" - Sculpture, 121.9x81.3x25.4 cm ©2012 by Jeff Key - Abstract, abstract-570, Nature, sculpture, wood sculpture, fiber sculpture, mixed-media sculpture, contemporary fiber art, contemporary sculpture, abstract sculpture, vessel, fiberart, fiber artist, flax fiber, contemporary art

Jeff Key

""Vessel #74—Westerly""

Sculpture - Wood | 121.9x81.3x25.4 cm

Sculpture titled "Golden Cycle" by Anne-Juliette Deschamps, Original Artwork, Stainless Steel
Golden Cycle - Sculpture, 73x73x4 cm ©2018 by Anne-Juliette Deschamps - Abstract, abstract-570, Geometric, or, gold, rond, cercle, cycle, nature, luxe

Anne-Juliette Deschamps

"Golden Cycle"

Sculpture - Stainless Steel | 73x73x4 cm

Sculpture titled "Flexibility" by Nazar Symotiuk, Original Artwork, Wood
Flexibility - Sculpture, 79x157x5 cm ©2022 by Nazar Symotiuk - Abstract, abstract-570, abstract, contemporary, conceptual, modern, minimalism, wall, wood, sculpture, interior, color, geometry

Nazar Symotiuk


Sculpture - Wood | 79x157x5 cm

Sculpture titled "LE 3 PIEVI" by Giorgio Romegialli (GA), Original Artwork, Stone
LE 3 PIEVI - Sculpture, 28x24x12 cm ©2023 by Giorgio Romegialli (GA) - Abstract, abstract-570, Spirituality

Giorgio Romegialli (GA)


Sculpture - Stone | 28x24x12 cm

Sculpture titled "Fita Dobras Espaço…" by Antonio Spinosa, Original Artwork, Metals
Fita Dobras Espaço Tempo - Sculpture, 42x29x24 cm ©2022 by Antonio Spinosa - Abstract, abstract-570, red, steel, metal, wood, standing sculpture, lygia clark, antonio spinosa

Antonio Spinosa

"Fita Dobras Espaço Tempo"

Sculpture - Metals | 42x29x24 cm

Sculpture titled "Cycle (green chamel…" by Natalia Valter, Original Artwork, Stone
Cycle (green chameleon) - Sculpture, 23x24x7.5 cm ©2022 by Natalia Valter - Abstract, abstract-570, Geometric, Abstract desk sculpture, Minimalist abstract art, Unique table/shelf decor, Contemporary art decor, Contemporary sculpture, Modern sculpture

Natalia Valter

"Cycle (green chameleon)"

Sculpture - Stone | 23x24x7.5 cm

Sculpture titled "Fractal 1" by Christophe Bregnard, Original Artwork, Stainless Steel
Fractal 1 - Sculpture, 130x80x80 cm ©2019 by Christophe Bregnard - Abstract, abstract-570

Christophe Bregnard

"Fractal 1"

Sculpture - Stainless Steel | 130x80x80 cm

On Request
Sculpture titled "Edge of Infinity" by Maria Lorena Lehman, Original Artwork, Plastic
Edge of Infinity - Sculpture, 33x25.4x25.4 cm ©2021 by Maria Lorena Lehman - Abstract, abstract-570, Architecture, white, sculpture, organic, detailed, intricate, beautiful, awe-inspiring

Maria Lorena Lehman

"Edge of Infinity"

Sculpture - Plastic | 33x25.4x25.4 cm

Sculpture titled "Lovebirds" by Milko Dobrev, Original Artwork, Bronze
Lovebirds - Sculpture, 27x9x5 cm ©2022 by Milko Dobrev - Abstract, abstract-570, Bird

Milko Dobrev


Sculpture - Bronze | 27x9x5 cm

Sculpture titled "Fractal I" by Albert Dura, Original Artwork, Metals
Fractal I - Sculpture, 9x30x23 cm ©2023 by Albert Dura - Abstract, abstract-570, Geometric, golden ratio, Fibonacci, harmony, fractal, divine proportion, copper, law of nature, order, nature, universe, creation, Albert Dura, steel sculpture

Albert Dura

"Fractal I"

Sculpture - Metals | 9x30x23 cm

Sculpture titled "RED SUDOKU" by Wojciech Pietranik, Original Artwork, Stone
RED SUDOKU - Sculpture, 69x55x21.5 cm ©2023 by Wojciech Pietranik - Abstract, abstract-570, Geometric, Marble sculpture, Wojciech Pietranik, abstract sculpture, Australian sculpture

Wojciech Pietranik


Sculpture - Stone | 69x55x21.5 cm

Sculpture titled "Luna" by Oskar Kern, Original Artwork, Stone
Luna - Sculpture, 30x30x30 cm ©2022 by Oskar Kern - Figurative, figurative-594, Geometric, Freude, Farbe, Stein, Glas

Oskar Kern


Sculpture - Stone | 30x30x30 cm

Sculpture titled "GENESIS" by Yevgeniy Prokopov, Original Artwork, Bronze
GENESIS - Sculpture, 75x55x30 cm ©2002 by Yevgeniy Prokopov - Abstract, abstract-570

Yevgeniy Prokopov


Sculpture - Bronze | 75x55x30 cm

On Request
Sculpture titled "Dolmen Palace con c…" by Anna Beltrame A+D Art, Original Artwork, Wood
Dolmen Palace con cubo nero - Sculpture, 134x37x19 cm ©2023 by Anna Beltrame A+D Art - Abstract, abstract-570, Abstract, art, contemporary, modern, wood, sculpture

Anna Beltrame A+D Art

"Dolmen Palace con cubo nero"

Sculpture - Wood | 134x37x19 cm

Sculpture titled "KOLONNE 3-5" by Joel Bostaetter, Original Artwork, Metals
KOLONNE 3-5 - Sculpture, 56x17x17 cm ©2023 by Joel Bostaetter - Abstract, abstract-570, Abstract, compression, chrome, cesar, inox, metal, grande taille

Joel Bostaetter


Sculpture - Metals | 56x17x17 cm

Sculpture titled "Piramidal" by Antonio Sanz, Original Artwork, Stone
Piramidal - Sculpture, 30x40x30 cm ©2023 by Antonio Sanz - Abstract, abstract-570, Geometric, piramide, profundidad

Antonio Sanz


Sculpture - Stone | 30x40x30 cm

Sculpture titled "Экосистема 4" by Iurii Rostislavskii, Original Artwork, Wood Mounted on Wood Panel
Экосистема 4 - Sculpture, 60x60x1 cm ©2023 by Iurii Rostislavskii - Abstract, abstract-570, Science

Iurii Rostislavskii

"Экосистема 4"

Sculpture - Wood | 60x60x1 cm

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