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678 Original Photographies For Sale: Buying artworks on the[...]

678 Original Photographies For Sale:

Buying artworks on the theme of "Animal"

Cats, dogs, horses, fish, birds ... Did you know that zoologists estimate that there are 7.77 million animal species on Earth? Millions of inspiration for photographers ! Domestic animals, farm animals, wild animals, or exotic animals, all animals have unique physical characteristics that make them fascinating iconographic subjects for the Artist to photograph! Jim Brandenbur, David Doubilet, David Maitland, Stefano Unterthiner, Vincent Munier ... So many famous names in animal photography who have, paid tribute to our 4-legged friends with style!

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Contemporary Animal Photographs are a form of original artwork that captures the beauty and essence of animals in the modern era. This type of art is created using various types of supports, such as canvas, metal, and acrylic, and materials, including ink, pigment, and resin. What makes contemporary animal photographs unique is that they are not just simple snapshots but rather carefully crafted compositions, with attention paid to lighting, composition, and colors.

Photography,  70x105 cm
THE NATURE IS COLOURFUL 7... // Limited Edition 1 of 10 Photography, 70x105 cm
©2023 Manuel Barth

Origins and History

Contemporary animal photographs emerged during the 19th century, when photography became a popular art form. Early animal photographers such as Eadweard Muybridge and George Shiras III used the camera to capture the beauty and complexity of the animal kingdom. Over the years, animal photography has evolved to become an important tool for conservation and education, with photographers such as Nick Brandt and Joel Sartore using their work to raise awareness about endangered species.

Photography,  80x120 cm
Grizzly en Sumi-e Photography, 80x120 cm
©2012 Mathieu Pujol

Evolutions of theses works in the contemporary art market

Contemporary animal photography has evolved in recent years to become a vital part of the contemporary art market. Photographers are exploring new techniques and pushing the boundaries of traditional animal photography. The focus is on capturing animals in their natural habitats and behaviors, rather than staging them in a studio. This has given rise to a more honest and authentic representation of animals, which is resonating with art collectors and animal lovers alike. Contemporary animal photographs are also raising awareness of animal conservation and the importance of protecting our natural world. The market for these photographs is growing, with collectors seeking out unique and powerful images that capture the beauty and complexity of the animal kingdom. As a result, contemporary animal photography is becoming an essential part of the art world, bridging the gap between art and nature.

Photography,  30x45 cm
Sans titre Photography, 30x45 cm
©2005 Luz Artist represented by Galerie Art & Style

Related Famous Artists

Contemporary animal photography has been a popular subject matter in recent years, attracting a diverse group of artists.

One such artist is known for capturing the beauty and grace of wild animals in their natural habitats. His striking images are composed with a keen eye for detail and a deep respect for the creatures he photographs.

Another artist is known for her surreal and dreamlike depictions of animals, often incorporating fantastical elements that blur the line between reality and imagination. Her work is hauntingly beautiful and evocative, inviting viewers to explore their own subconscious.

Yet another artist takes a more documentary approach, using his photographs to shed light on the plight of endangered species and the devastating effects of human activity on the natural world. His images are both powerful and poignant, serving as a wake-up call for viewers to take action and protect the planet we call home.

Whether capturing the majesty of a lion on the African savannah, the ethereal beauty of a jellyfish in the ocean depths, or the heartbreaking reality of a rhino facing extinction, these artists use their talents to celebrate and preserve the natural world around us.

Photography,  30x30 cm
La Calma Photography, 30x30 cm
©2023 Graziano Alghisi

Notable contemporary Animal Photographs

"Wildlife Photographer of the Year" by Tim Laman, 2016 This photograph captures a young orangutan scaling a tree in the Indonesian rainforest. The image is striking, with the vivid green foliage contrasting against the orangutan’s bright orange fur. The photograph was taken by Tim Laman, a renowned wildlife photographer who has dedicated his career to capturing the beauty of the natural world.

"Grizzly Bear and Cubs" by Paul Nicklen, 2014 In this photograph, Paul Nicklen captures the tender moment between a grizzly bear and her two cubs as they emerge from their den. The image is both heartwarming and fierce, showcasing the strength and vulnerability of these incredible creatures. Nicklen is known for his stunning wildlife photography, and this image is a testament to his skill and dedication.

"Elephant Family" by Nick Brandt, 2011 This haunting photograph by Nick Brandt captures a family of elephants standing in the midst of a barren landscape. The image is both beautiful and tragic, highlighting the destructive impact of human activity on the natural world. Brandt is known for his powerful images of African wildlife, and this photograph is a poignant reminder of the urgent need to protect these creatures from extinction.

"Polar Bear" by Ole Jørgen Liodden, 2013 This striking photograph by Ole Jørgen Liodden captures a polar bear standing on a melting ice floe in the Arctic. The image is both beautiful and heartbreaking, showcasing the devastating impact of climate change on the natural world. Liodden is a renowned wildlife photographer and conservationist, and this photograph is a powerful call to action to protect the fragile Arctic ecosystem.

"Chimpanzee in the Wild" by David Chancellor, 2016 In this photograph, David Chancellor captures a chimpanzee in the wild, staring directly into the camera with a look of intense curiosity. The image is both captivating and unsettling, highlighting the complex relationship between humans and our primate relatives. Chancellor is known for his thought-provoking wildlife photography, and this image is a testament to his skill and vision.

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Photography titled "THE NATURE IS COLOU…" by Manuel Barth, Original Artwork, Manipulated Photography Mounted on Aluminium
THE NATURE IS COLOURFUL 7... // Limited Edition 1 of 10 - Photography, 70x105 cm ©2023 by Manuel Barth - Abstract, abstract-570, Animal, fish, fisch, animal, tier, bunt, colourful, abstrakt, minimalism

Manuel Barth

"THE NATURE IS COLOURFUL 7... // Limited Edition 1 of 10"

Photography | 70x105 cm

Photography titled "La Calma" by Graziano Alghisi, Original Artwork, Digital Photography
La Calma - Photography, 30x30 cm ©2023 by Graziano Alghisi - Animal, fotografia in bianco e nero, fotografia naturalistica, collezionismo, fine art, blak and white

Graziano Alghisi

"La Calma"

Photography | 30x30 cm

Photography titled "sans titre" by Flore Emma Beleva, Original Artwork, Digital Photography
sans titre - Photography, 60x40 cm ©2017 by Flore Emma Beleva - Land Art, land-art-957, Bird

Flore Emma Beleva

"sans titre"

Photography | 60x40 cm

Photography titled "Bluebird-Street 34" by Nema Seidel, Original Artwork, Manipulated Photography Mounted on Aluminium
Bluebird-Street 34 - Photography, 120x90 cm ©2023 by Nema Seidel - Pop Art, pop-art-615, Bird, street-art, collage, graffiti, pop-art, Fotografie, digital art

Nema Seidel

"Bluebird-Street 34"

Photography | 120x90 cm

Photography titled ""Ou"-n°2/9" by Franck Sanyas, Original Artwork, Digital Photography
"Ou"-n°2/9 - Photography, 16x50 cm ©2023 by Franck Sanyas - Outsider Art, outsider-art-1044, Bird, mouette, océan, contraste, panoramique

Franck Sanyas


Photography | 16x50 cm

Photography titled "Couleur Magique" by Marie Chistine Barnaud, Original Artwork, Digital Photography
Couleur Magique - Photography, 50x33 cm ©2022 by Marie Chistine Barnaud - Figurative, figurative-594, Bird

Marie Chistine Barnaud

"Couleur Magique"

Photography | 50x33 cm

Photography titled "#1 - Colorful heron" by Eric Lespinasse, Original Artwork, Digital Photography Mounted on Aluminium
#1 - Colorful heron - Photography, 50x50 cm ©2023 by Eric Lespinasse - Abstract, abstract-570, Animal

Eric Lespinasse

"#1 - Colorful heron"

Photography | 50x50 cm

Photography titled "Black Cat" by Photoplace, Original Artwork, Digital Photography
Black Cat - Photography ©2022 by Photoplace - Figurative, figurative-594, Cat, Katze, Schwarz, elegant, s/w, Schwarz weiß, monochrome, photography, animal


"Black Cat"

Photography | Several sizes

Photography titled "Mare with golden ma…" by Tariq Dajani, Original Artwork, Digital Print
Mare with golden mane - Photography, 42x50 cm ©2006 by Tariq Dajani - Figurative, figurative-594, Horse, Arabian, Arab, horse, mare, beauty, calm, warmth, equestrian, portrait

Tariq Dajani

"Mare with golden mane"

Photography | 42x50 cm

Photography titled "We think we are here" by Mohamed Amine Soltani, Original Artwork, Digital Photography
We think we are here - Photography ©2023 by Mohamed Amine Soltani - Surrealism, surrealism-627, Dog, surrealism, dog, blue, photography, art, calm, scary, road

Mohamed Amine Soltani

"We think we are here"

Photography | Several sizes

Photography titled "House and Dog, Cara…" by Juliana Vasquez, Original Artwork, Manipulated Photography
House and Dog, Caraíva Bahia, Brazil - Photography, 38x38 cm ©2017 by Juliana Vasquez - Expressionism, expressionism-591, Dog, trancoso bahia, brazil, dog, juliana vasquez, double exposure photography, combination, leaves of tree, quietness, sand street, brazilian village, rustic architecture, pink

Juliana Vasquez

"House and Dog, Caraíva Bahia, Brazil"

Photography | 38x38 cm

Photography titled "Two skeletons - Amb…" by David Heger, Original Artwork, Analog photography
Two skeletons - Ambrotype - Photography, 25x25 cm ©2023 by David Heger - Classicism, classicism-933, Animal, kollodion, wet plate, ambrotype, historic process, black and white

David Heger

"Two skeletons - Ambrotype"

Photography | 25x25 cm

Photography titled "Grizzly en Sumi-e" by Mathieu Pujol, Original Artwork, Digital Photography Mounted on Aluminium
Grizzly en Sumi-e - Photography, 80x120 cm ©2012 by Mathieu Pujol - Conceptual Art, conceptual-art-579, Animal, Etats-Unis, Etats-unis d'amérique, fourrure, grizzli, océan pacifique, ours, ours brun, poils, ursus arctos horribilis

Mathieu Pujol

"Grizzly en Sumi-e"

Photography | 80x120 cm

Photography titled "Ce soir,je sors mon…" by Philippe Berthier, Original Artwork, Manipulated Photography
Ce soir,je sors mon cerf.....Qu'il ne vous en déplaise...... - Photography, 56x65 cm ©2023 by Philippe Berthier - Surrealism, surrealism-627, Animal

Philippe Berthier

"Ce soir,je sors mon cerf.....Qu'il ne vous en déplaise......"

Photography | 56x65 cm

Photography titled "Mon ours" by Pierre Boillon, Original Artwork, Digital Photography
Mon ours - Photography, 42x42 cm ©2023 by Pierre Boillon - Figurative, figurative-594, Animal, jouet, ours, peluche, enfance, yeux

Pierre Boillon

"Mon ours"

Photography | 42x42 cm

Photography titled "Duck 2" by Stéphanie Dambry, Original Artwork, Digital Photography
Duck 2 - Photography, 30x45 cm ©2023 by Stéphanie Dambry - Pop Art, pop-art-615, Bird, canard, pop art, eau, coloré, nature, orange, jaune

Stéphanie Dambry

"Duck 2"

Photography | 30x45 cm

Photography titled "Pájaros" by Oriol Jolonch, Original Artwork, Digital Photography
Pájaros - Photography, 60x80 cm ©2022 by Oriol Jolonch - Conceptual Art, conceptual-art-579, Animal, pajaros, niña, playa, paisaje, surreal, oniric, Black & White Art, Unusual Photography

Oriol Jolonch


Photography | 60x80 cm

Photography titled "Les oiseaux" by Enora B., Original Artwork, Analog photography
Les oiseaux - Photography, 20x30 cm ©2019 by Enora B. - Land Art, land-art-957, Bird, landart, symbolisme, oiseau, film, 35mm, argentique, photogrpahy, figuralisme, minimalisme

Enora B.

"Les oiseaux"

Photography | 20x30 cm

Photography titled "La tortue" by Audrey Chaa, Original Artwork, Manipulated Photography
La tortue - Photography, 60x60 cm ©2023 by Audrey Chaa - Conceptual Art, conceptual-art-579, Cat, imagination, nature, souche, forêt, tortue, couleurs, beauté

Audrey Chaa

"La tortue"

Photography | 60x60 cm

Photography titled "Les canards" by Nicolas Espinasse, Original Artwork, Digital Photography
Les canards - Photography, 40x60 cm ©2013 by Nicolas Espinasse - Animal, canard, duck

Nicolas Espinasse

"Les canards"

Photography | 40x60 cm

Photography titled "Ligne" by Isabelle Deloge, Original Artwork, Non Manipulated Photography
Ligne - Photography, 40x30 cm ©2023 by Isabelle Deloge - Abstract, abstract-570, Bird, flamant, rose, camargue, lueur, parc ornithologique, isabelle, deloge, plume, reflet, ligne, courbe

Isabelle Deloge


Photography | 40x30 cm

Photography titled "Winter gallop No.6" by Marek Kopnicky, Original Artwork, Digital Photography
Winter gallop No.6 - Photography, 50x90 cm ©2022 by Marek Kopnicky - Hyperrealism, hyperrealism-612, Horse, horse, horses, animal, animals, herd, herd of horses, gallop, galloping, galloping herd, galloping horse, galloping horses, horse gallop, winter, winterscape, snow, snowscape, cowboy, kopnicky, vamosiart

Marek Kopnicky

"Winter gallop No.6"

Photography | 50x90 cm

Photography titled "Beautiful Robin, ph…" by Liza Peninon, Original Artwork, Non Manipulated Photography
Beautiful Robin, photography - Photography ©2023 by Liza Peninon - Figurative, figurative-594, Bird, robi, rougegorge, wildlife, light, colors, photography

Liza Peninon

"Beautiful Robin, photography"

Photography | Several sizes

Photography titled "BRABANÇON • CHEVAUX…" by Astr, Original Artwork, Non Manipulated Photography Mounted on Wood Stretcher f…
BRABANÇON • CHEVAUX DE TRAIT • BRABANDER - Photography, 60x100 cm ©2023 by Astr - Expressionism, expressionism-591, Animal, horse, cheval, paard, Pferd, chevaux de trait, draft horse, Belgium, aster, borgo san bernardo, aster w, Belgique, Zugpferd, cavallo da tiro, caballo de tiro, portrait animalier, animaux, nature



Photography | 60x100 cm

On Request
Photography titled "Sans titre" by Luz, Original Artwork, Analog photography
Sans titre - Photography, 30x45 cm ©2005 by Luz - Figurative, figurative-594, Horse, main, homme, cheval, crinière, noir et blanc, argentique, art équestre


"Sans titre"

Photography | 30x45 cm

Photography titled "Powerless 2/3" by Bettina Dupont, Original Artwork, Digital Photography
Powerless 2/3 - Photography, 50x50 cm ©2020 by Bettina Dupont - Conceptual Art, conceptual-art-579, Bird, femme, enfant, corbeau, horloge

Bettina Dupont

"Powerless 2/3"

Photography | 50x50 cm

Photography titled "The lonely horse" by Ze Raw Factory Photographer, Original Artwork, Digital Photography
The lonely horse - Photography, 30x25 cm ©2023 by Ze Raw Factory Photographer - Abstract, abstract-570, Horse

Ze Raw Factory Photographer

"The lonely horse"

Photography | 30x25 cm

Photography titled "Chien curieux" by Jérôme Marteau, Original Artwork, Digital Photography Mounted on Aluminium
Chien curieux - Photography, 90x60 cm ©2009 by Jérôme Marteau - Dog, Chien, Portrait

Jérôme Marteau

"Chien curieux"

Photography | 90x60 cm

Photography titled "WILD LENS - TIGER" by Sven Pfrommer, Original Artwork, Analog Print Mounted on Aluminium
WILD LENS - TIGER - Photography, 80x120 cm ©2022 by Sven Pfrommer - Abstract, abstract-570, Animal, Artwork, contemporaryart, painting, interior, fineart, photography, mixedmedia, creative, wallart, visualart, horses, wild horses, giclee art, nature art, art on canvas, nature photography, landscape photo, acrylic art, landscape art

Sven Pfrommer


Photography | 80x120 cm

Photography titled "THE PLUMED FISH AND…" by Stephane Tanascaux, Original Artwork, Digital Photography Mounted on Wood Panel
THE PLUMED FISH AND THE WEASEL - Photography, 41.4x99 cm ©2011 by Stephane Tanascaux - Land Art, land-art-957, Animal, surrealism, contemporary, animal, nature, fish, forest, landscape, magic, ecology, land art, sea, ocean, marine, fantastic, poetry, spiritual, love, meditation, esoterism, spirituality

Stephane Tanascaux


Photography | 41.4x99 cm

Photography titled "Chat et nounours" by Bruno Bisanti, Original Artwork, Digital Photography Mounted on Aluminium
Chat et nounours - Photography, 40x60 cm ©2022 by Bruno Bisanti - Cat, chat, nounours, fond-noir, studio

Bruno Bisanti

"Chat et nounours"

Photography | 40x60 cm

Photography titled "Graurücken II" by John Gerard, Original Artwork, Digital Photography
Graurücken II - Photography ©2010 by John Gerard - Animal, Natur, S/W, Gorilla, Graurücken, Tiere

John Gerard

"Graurücken II"

Photography | Several sizes

Photography titled "swallows" by Gilliard Bressan, Original Artwork, Digital Photography
swallows - Photography ©2023 by Gilliard Bressan - Minimalism, minimalism-606, Animal

Gilliard Bressan


Photography | Several sizes

Photography titled "Le loup blanc" by Rosalina Vaz, Original Artwork, Digital Photography
Le loup blanc - Photography ©2023 by Rosalina Vaz - Figurative, figurative-594, Animal, loup, noir, blanc, chien, sauvage, mignon, rêve, gris, animal

Rosalina Vaz

"Le loup blanc"

Photography | Several sizes

Photography titled "Gibon" by Jean Charles Ouvrard, Original Artwork, Digital Photography Mounted on Aluminium
Gibon - Photography, 50x75 cm ©2023 by Jean Charles Ouvrard - Fauvism, fauvism-942, Animal, gibon, singe

Jean Charles Ouvrard


Photography | 50x75 cm

Photography titled "Chiens 2" by Jean-Claude Mathier, Original Artwork, Digital Photography
Chiens 2 - Photography ©2007 by Jean-Claude Mathier - Animal

Jean-Claude Mathier

"Chiens 2"

Photography | Several sizes


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