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Artmajeur is an online art sales platform that links artists directly with buyers. Artmajeur, a pioneer in online artwork sales with over 20 years of experience An international network of partners Artmajeur[...]

Artmajeur is an online art sales platform that links artists directly with buyers.

Artmajeur, a pioneer in online artwork sales with over 20 years of experience

An international network of partners

Artmajeur has partnered up with nearly 200,000 market professionals around the globe to offer you the best buying experience. We have partnered with major cultural institutions and associations, as well as art dealers and agents, and emerging and confirmed creators and designers. Artmajeur gives you access to millions worldwide works that you can secure and have delivered right to your door.

The Artmajeur community goes beyond being an online art gallery.

Artmajeur is a shop that sells art. However, artists must also have a place to display and sell their work. We love all art and hope the platform we built reflects this. The art marketplace does not only allow you to view artworks or exclusive collections. It should be a place where art culture thrives. The art shop will become a cultural space that allows one to browse art fairs and explore the artworks of his favorite artists. You can also learn about the most recent art news, events, and exhibitions. Our art blog is for those who love going to museums, contemporary art galleries, and learning about art at the library. It provides helpful tips on how to collect and purchase modern art and gives insight into artistic movements through portraits of iconic artists. We also provide a glimpse into art history by discussing both the most significant works of the century and ancient, well-known arts. Artmajeur is more than an art shop. It's also a vibrant community of artists who create, make, and stitch the arts. Art major students from all three institutions can discuss the sale of their artworks. They can also meet art critics, art lovers and other people working in the art market to discuss culture and inquire about major exhibitions.

What are the benefits of buying or selling art on an established online gallery like Artmajeur?

Traditional art galleries have a limited space. A virtual gallery is infinite in space and the number of pieces that you can view. You will find the perfect piece for your home in our art marketplace, with over 1,000,000 original pieces. Online platforms are also open 24/7! Artmajeur is open 24 hours a day, so there's no need to wait for traditional galleries.

All you have to do is choose from our artwork and we will take care of the rest. It's easy! All orders come with free shipping. You have 14 days to return any artwork and receive a full refund. Artmajeur aims to make it easy for collectors to find and purchase art from any artist worldwide. It is safe and secure. Every sale comes with a certificate of authenticity and online tracking.

You can buy the largest selection of works online

You will find all the variety you would expect from original artworks or prints

Artmajeur has the largest selection of original artworks, photographs, sculptures, and limited edition prints. The site features more than 2,5 million works by renowned contemporary artists from around the globe. To ensure that your artwork looks great on your wall, you can search for it by its price, type of decor/design, and artist name. Hundreds of thousands of items have been sold already! We still have more than a million items available for sale. However, most of the works are original, one-of a kind (OOAK) works. Make sure to secure the items that you love before they disappear!

Largest selection of fine art prints on canvas and metal, framed

We sell original paintings, as well as prints on linen sheets and prints on metal. Canvas prints can be framed to make them more like oil-on-canvas paintings. You can also get our exclusive editions prints on Hahnemuhle fine art paper. There are many framing options. A frame around a painting is not required, depending on your decor. However, it can add structure and an artistic touch to your artwork when it's hung on the wall. Artmajeur can ship your print or painting to you in a frame, tube or mounted on stretchers. We try to give you all options so you are free to choose!

Our advisors will help you make the right selection!

Need some ideas on the right colors and styles to match your interior decor? Need help choosing a modern design using contemporary photography, abstract works or large outdoor sculptures for your yard? You may also need help to determine if the works you purchase are worth your investment.

Selections from experts that you will love

Although search tools and AI can be great, nothing compares to the human eye and sense of touch. We have carefully curated a selection of works that are both rare and valuable, and they have been tastefully assembled by market professionals, VIP guests, and seasoned collectors. These exclusive selections are available for you to browse if you need inspiration or simply want to discover some nice works.

AI-powered visual search, intelligent filters, and geographic search: Find the art that you love today!

Check out our selection of artwork by artists today! You can buy artwork from artists online in just a few clicks. It's easy to search for the perfect artist's work with our search function. You can filter by price, size and color. This allows you to save time and avoid endless possibilities. We will make every effort to help you realize your dreams if you don't find what you need on our site.

Prints and originals can be purchased safely

How do you safely buy art?

You can buy works at many locations, including galleries and fairs. There are also numerous art stores online that you can shop from, or directly from the artist. Because they feel more secure, wise collectors prefer to purchase contemporary sculptures and paintings from established markets like Artmajeur. They can choose from a variety of styles and designs, as well as a wide selection of prints in all price ranges. Artmajeur guarantees transactions with worldwide sellers and gives them 14 days to return the parcel. All sales include an online tracking certificate and a certificate confirming authenticity.

Artmajeur is the best place to buy Art.

Artmajeur is the best place to buy art because we work with many sellers all over the globe (around 200,000 dealers and sellers) and have been selling art online for more than 20 years.

Artmajeur has received positive reviews from hundreds of people online.

Artmajeur: How do you secure transactions?

Artmajeur acts as an intermediary to ensure the transaction. Once Artmajeur receives the proceeds from a sale the work is shipped by the sellers directly to the customers. Once the client receives the works, sellers are paid.

Artmajeur - How can we ensure sellers are genuine / serious?

Only sellers who are interested in a long-term partnership will be considered. You can view all information about the seller from their profile. Professional sellers also have the "PRO" label. You can search for only PRO artists or works by PRO dealers, if you wish. You can reach us if you have questions about a seller.

Artmajeur members with positive feedback are exempted from any problem sellers may have.

How does Artmajeur ensures the authenticity of its works?

Artmajeur sellers must be artists, agents, or resellers. Resellers must own all certificates of authenticity and resale rights. A seller must provide all information regarding the background and artwork history to be considered an Artmajeur partner.

  • You can inspect a work you purchased from Artmajeur by taking it to any local professional or art dealer for inspection.
  • You have 14 days to cancel your order if you have any questions or aren't completely satisfied with the work.
  • Artmajeur purchases are completely secure!



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