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1,460 Original artworks, Limited Editions & Prints. Looking[...]

1,460 Original artworks, Limited Editions & Prints.

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Explore all styles and techniques of artistic engravings: contemporary art, street-art, abstract art, figurative art, prints, lithographs… Artmajeur caters to all artistic sensibilities and has been celebrating beauty by your side for 20 years with more 2 million contemporary works of art to discover ... or acquire! The world benchmark for contemporary prints. Discover works by contemporary artists from around the world to decorate your interior with class! Simple art lover or confirmed collector? Find the favorite canvas or painting that will truly enhance your decoration. Artmajeur offers you original works, limited editions and art prints by the best contemporary artists in the world. On Artmajeur, the works of engravings are selected by enthusiasts and experts in the art market. We select for you the original works of trendy, award-winning and recognized artists as well as new rising values in the field of contemporary art to guide you and help you in your process of buying art prints online.

Discover contemporary Printmaking on Artmajeur

Contemporary printmaking is a dynamic form of art that has evolved over the centuries. It involves the creation of an image on a surface, which is then transferred onto paper or another support. Printmaking is unique in that it offers the artist the ability to create multiple original Artworks. There are several types of supports and materials used in printmaking, including wood, metal, stone, and plastic. The techniques and tools used in printmaking vary, but they all involve the transfer of ink from the printing plate onto the paper.

Printmaking,  60x60 cm
Cash, diamonds & Bitcoin gifts accepted only- Scrooge McDuck Printmaking, 60x60 cm
©2023 Monika Mrowiec

Origins and History

Contemporary Printmaking has a rich history, dating back to the invention of the printing press in the 15th century. This invention revolutionized the way information was shared and disseminated, allowing for the mass production of books and images. The development of new techniques and materials, such as lithography and etching, in the 18th and 19th centuries further expanded the possibilities of printmaking.

Printmaking,  106.7x99.1 cm
STAND TALL Printmaking, 106.7x99.1 cm
©2023 Tosin Oyeniyi

Evolutions of theses works in the contemporary art market

The emergence of contemporary Printmaking has opened up new possibilities for artists to explore and express their creativity. With its accessibility and affordability, Printmaking has become a popular medium, attracting both established and emerging artists. The importance of Printmaking in the contemporary art market is evident from the growing number of exhibitions, art fairs, and galleries dedicated to this medium.

Printmaking,  60x60 cm
Tehos - The mouse project V11 Printmaking, 60x60 cm
©2023 Tehos

Related Famous Artists

Contemporary Printmaking is an art form that has been gaining popularity in recent years, with many artists exploring its possibilities. Some well-known artists in this field include Yinka Shonibare, Kiki Smith, and Julie Mehretu.

Yinka Shonibare is a British-Nigerian artist who is known for his use of vibrant fabrics in his work. He often explores themes of identity and history through his printmaking, using bold colors and patterns to create striking pieces.

Kiki Smith is an American artist who often works with traditional printmaking techniques such as etching and lithography. Her work often explores themes of gender, sexuality, and the human body, with a focus on the female form.

Julie Mehretu is an Ethiopian-American artist who creates large-scale prints that are often abstract in nature. Her work explores themes of globalization and urbanization, with layers upon layers of intricate lines and shapes that create a sense of movement and chaos.

Other Contemporary Artists working in Printmaking include Kara Walker, who often uses silkscreen printing to create provocative works that confront issues of race and gender, and Glenn Ligon, who creates prints that explore the history of African-American culture and identity.

Overall, these artists demonstrate the wide range of possibilities within contemporary Printmaking, from traditional techniques to bold experimentation with materials and themes.

Printmaking,  100x70 cm
312947 Printmaking, 100x70 cm
©2023 G Teisseyre

Notable contemporary Printmaking

Contemporary printmaking has given us some of the most stunning artworks of the modern era. "The Great Wave off Kanagawa" by Katsushika Hokusai is an iconic print that has stood the test of time, and there are many others that have followed in its wake.

One such artwork is "Untitled (Pineapple)" by Takashi Murakami, created in 2001. This vibrant print features a colorful pineapple, surrounded by a sea of flowers and other symbols of Japanese culture. Murakami is known for his playful, pop-inspired artworks, and this print is no exception.

Another contemporary printmaker of note is Kara Walker, whose work often explores themes of race, gender, and power. Her artwork "Harper’s Pictorial History of the Civil War (Annotated)" is a series of lithographs created in 2005 that reimagines the iconic Civil War-era illustrations of Harper’s Weekly with her own satirical and often confrontational commentary.

In 2017, artist Julie Mehretu created "Epigraph, Damascus", a large-scale etching that explores the themes of displacement and migration. The artwork features complex layers of geometric shapes and lines, creating a sense of movement and chaos that reflects the turmoil of the Syrian civil war.

Finally, "The Migration Series" by Jacob Lawrence is a series of 60 screenprints created in 1941 that depict the migration of African Americans from the rural South to the urban North in the early 20th century. The prints are simple but powerful, featuring bold colors and striking compositions that have made them a beloved and important part of American art history.

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Printmaking titled "Cash, diamonds & Bi…" by Monika Mrowiec, Original Artwork, Digital Painting Mounted on Aluminium
Cash, diamonds & Bitcoin gifts accepted only- Scrooge McDuck - Printmaking, 60x60 cm ©2023 by Monika Mrowiec - Pop Art, pop-art-615, Pop Culture, scrooge, mcduck, print, dibond, cash, diamonds, bitcoin, cryptocurrency, christmas, gifts, money, luxury, versace, life, santa, dollars, Louis Vuitton, pattern

Monika Mrowiec

"Cash, diamonds & Bitcoin gifts accepted only- Scrooge McDuck"

Printmaking on Aluminium | 60x60 cm

Printmaking titled "312947" by G Teisseyre, Original Artwork, Screenprinting
312947 - Printmaking, 100x70 cm ©2023 by G Teisseyre - Hyperrealism, hyperrealism-612, Women Portraits, minimal, portrait, poster, design, pop art, wall art, home decor, black, white, women, mugshoot

G Teisseyre


Printmaking on Paper | 100x70 cm

Prints available
Printmaking titled "Les Songes" by Michèle Dumas (Michèle Frédérique), Original Artwork, Engraving
Les Songes - Printmaking, 55x75 cm ©2023 by Michèle Dumas (Michèle Frédérique) - Figurative, figurative-594, Nature

Michèle Dumas (Michèle Frédérique)

"Les Songes"

Printmaking on Paper | 55x75 cm

Printmaking titled "NAPOLI" by Constantino Luis Marino, Original Artwork, Engraving
NAPOLI - Printmaking, 100x150 cm ©2020 by Constantino Luis Marino -

Constantino Luis Marino


Printmaking on Canvas | 100x150 cm

Prints available
Printmaking titled "Un viale di alberi…" by Bruno Munari, Original Artwork, Screenprinting
Un viale di alberi diversi XL - Printmaking, 50x180 cm ©1989 by Bruno Munari - Conceptual Art, conceptual-art-579, Bruno Munari, Studio Fornaresio, Futurismo, Arte Cinetica, Arte Programmata

Bruno Munari

"Un viale di alberi diversi XL"

Printmaking on Paper | 50x180 cm

Printmaking titled "He, She, They, Them…" by Michael E. Voss, Original Artwork, Linocuts
He, She, They, Them #17 - Printmaking, 39.4x55.9 cm ©2023 by Michael E. Voss - Geometric, geometric-572, Erotic Nudes, human identity, gender roles, fluidity, tessellation, einstein tile, black and white, flexibility, androgyny, motion, movement, graceful

Michael E. Voss

"He, She, They, Them #17"

Printmaking on Paper | 39.4x55.9 cm

Printmaking titled "Exit?" by Dmytro Zhuravel, Original Artwork, Digital Print
Exit? - Printmaking, 30x21 cm ©2023 by Dmytro Zhuravel - Conceptual Art, conceptual-art-579

Dmytro Zhuravel


Printmaking on Canvas | 30x21 cm

Printmaking titled "Sans Titre" by Wou-Ki Zao, Original Artwork, Engraving Mounted on Wood Stretcher frame
Sans Titre - Printmaking, 49x43.2 cm ©1978 by Wou-Ki Zao - Abstract, abstract-570, Colorful, Zao Wou-ki, Gravure, Eau Forte, Etching, Engraving, Moderne, Modern

Wou-Ki Zao

"Sans Titre"

Printmaking on Paper | 49x43.2 cm

Printmaking titled "Meu nome é Gal" by Lua Menezes Lua, Original Artwork, Analog Print Mounted on Cardboard
Meu nome é Gal - Printmaking, 30x30 cm ©2023 by Lua Menezes Lua - Conceptual Art, conceptual-art-579, Love, gal costa, lesbica, cianotipia, Sônia braga, Brasil, Salvador

Lua Menezes Lua

"Meu nome é Gal"

Printmaking on Paper | 30x30 cm

Printmaking titled "embrasé" by François Crinel, Original Artwork, Engraving Mounted on Wood Panel
embrasé - Printmaking, 13x13 cm ©2023 by François Crinel - Figurative, figurative-594, arbre, rouge, nature, gypsographie

François Crinel


Printmaking on Other substrate | 13x13 cm

Printmaking titled "Переродження Regene…" by Mikola Samofalov (Nick Simone), Original Artwork, Engraving
Переродження Regeneration - Printmaking, 31x43 cm ©2017 by Mikola Samofalov (Nick Simone) - Surrealism, surrealism-627

Mikola Samofalov (Nick Simone)

"Переродження Regeneration"

Printmaking on Paper | 31x43 cm

Printmaking titled "Nuage Ref. 129A 12/…" by Michèle Froment, Original Artwork, Engraving
Nuage Ref. 129A 12/30 - Printmaking, 30x40 cm ©2022 by Michèle Froment - Expressionism, expressionism-591

Michèle Froment

"Nuage Ref. 129A 12/30"

Printmaking on Paper | 30x40 cm

Printmaking titled "STAND TALL" by Tosin Oyeniyi, Original Artwork, Linocuts
STAND TALL - Printmaking, 106.7x99.1 cm ©2023 by Tosin Oyeniyi - Expressionism, expressionism-591, Africa, african, culture, black people, linocut, future, youth

Tosin Oyeniyi


Printmaking on Canvas | 106.7x99.1 cm

Printmaking titled "Quand le ciel s’enf…" by Marcelle Delacité, Original Artwork, Digital Painting
Quand le ciel s’enflamme - Printmaking, 210x285 cm ©2023 by Marcelle Delacité - Surrealism, surrealism-627, Love, peinture, classique, numérique, pop, surréaliste, cubiste, psychédélique, aquarelle, collage, composition, Ernst, ciel, vide, plein, découpe, incarnation, méditation, lapin

Marcelle Delacité

"Quand le ciel s’enflamme"

Printmaking on Paper | 210x285 cm

Prints available
Printmaking titled "Museo Fiori Rosso K…" by Ugo Nespolo, Original Artwork, Screenprinting
Museo Fiori Rosso KING XXL - Printmaking, 80x180 cm ©2005 by Ugo Nespolo - Conceptual Art, conceptual-art-579, Flower, Ugo Nespolo, Studio Fornaresio, pop art, arte concettuale, glitter, colori, museo, fiori

Ugo Nespolo

"Museo Fiori Rosso KING XXL"

Printmaking on Paper | 80x180 cm

Printmaking titled "Costruzione Arancio…" by Luigi Veronesi, Original Artwork, Screenprinting
Costruzione Arancio XXL - Printmaking, 80x180 cm ©1989 by Luigi Veronesi - Abstract, abstract-570, Geometric, Luigi Veronesi, Studio Fornaresio, colori, geometrie

Luigi Veronesi

"Costruzione Arancio XXL"

Printmaking on Paper | 80x180 cm

Printmaking titled "Baum (unica opera a…" by Egon Schiele, Original Artwork, Lithography
Baum (unica opera autorizzata dagli eredi) - Printmaking, 30x20 cm ©1990 by Egon Schiele - Expressionism, expressionism-591, Tree, Egon Schiele, Studio Fornaresio, Espressionismo, eros, albero, Baum, donna, nudo

Egon Schiele

"Baum (unica opera autorizzata dagli eredi)"

Printmaking on Paper | 30x20 cm

Printmaking titled "Climate Encounter I…" by Sailev, Original Artwork, Digital Print
Climate Encounter II - Limited edition print - Printmaking, 63.5x48 cm ©2022 by Sailev - Symbolism, symbolism-1020, Animal, pig, cochon, macaw, hara, animal, wildlife


"Climate Encounter II - Limited edition print"

Printmaking on Paper | 63.5x48 cm

Printmaking titled "skullpop special se…" by Skullvers3, Original Artwork, Digital Print
skullpop special series #001 - Printmaking, 20x20 cm ©2023 by Skullvers3 - Pop Art, pop-art-615, Pop Culture, skull, punk, music, pop art, modern, skv3


"skullpop special series #001"

Printmaking on Canvas | 20x20 cm

On Request
Printmaking titled ""karishma"" by Isabelle Desaulty, Original Artwork, Etching
"karishma" - Printmaking, 25x15 cm ©2023 by Isabelle Desaulty - Symbolism, symbolism-1020, Nature, yoga, femme, nature

Isabelle Desaulty


Printmaking on Paper | 25x15 cm

Printmaking titled "Night and Day XXL s…" by Janusz Haka, Original Artwork, Screenprinting
Night and Day XXL su tela Blu - Printmaking, 120x100 cm ©2001 by Janusz Haka - Pop Art, pop-art-615, Janusz Haka, Studio Fornaresio, pop art, Figurativo, erotico chic

Janusz Haka

"Night and Day XXL su tela Blu"

Printmaking on Canvas | 120x100 cm

Printmaking titled "Crépuscule" by Romane Kleindienst, Original Artwork, Linocuts
Crépuscule - Printmaking, 22x22 cm ©2023 by Romane Kleindienst - beach, linocut, plage, linogravure, humour, sable, touristes, palmier, martinique

Romane Kleindienst


Printmaking on Paper | 22x22 cm

Printmaking titled "Effortless #1" by Jana Lulovska, Original Artwork, Digital Painting
Effortless #1 - Printmaking, 60x85 cm ©2023 by Jana Lulovska - Abstract, abstract-570, Everyday Life, Effortless, Abstract, Painting, Printmaking, Digital, Expressionism, Beauty

Jana Lulovska

"Effortless #1"

Printmaking on Paper | 60x85 cm

Printmaking titled "Reversal DNA" by Takashi Murakami, Original Artwork, Lithography Mounted on Cardboard
Reversal DNA - Printmaking, 50x50 cm ©2001 by Takashi Murakami - Pop Art, pop-art-615, Pop Culture, DNA, Dob, Manga, couleurs, personnage, bleu

Takashi Murakami

"Reversal DNA"

Printmaking on Paper | 50x50 cm

Printmaking titled "Tehos - The mouse p…" by Tehos, Original Artwork, Manipulated Photography
Tehos - The mouse project V11 - Printmaking, 60x60 cm ©2023 by Tehos - Conceptual Art, conceptual-art-579, Caricature, tehos, tehos art, contemporary art


"Tehos - The mouse project V11"

Printmaking on Paper | 60x60 cm

Printmaking titled "Opus ocra XXL" by Roger Selden, Original Artwork, Screenprinting
Opus ocra XXL - Printmaking, 71x168 cm ©2006 by Roger Selden - Pop Art, pop-art-615, Colorful, Roger Selden, Studio Fornaresio, Pop Art, Colori

Roger Selden

"Opus ocra XXL"

Printmaking on Paper | 71x168 cm

Printmaking titled "Thinking to none (h…" by Antonio Murgia, Original Artwork, Digital Print
Thinking to none (hot yellow) - Printmaking, 60x60 cm ©2021 by Antonio Murgia - Pop Art, pop-art-615

Antonio Murgia

"Thinking to none (hot yellow)"

Printmaking on Aluminium | 60x60 cm

Printmaking titled "Deep Green XXL" by Daniele Fissore, Original Artwork, Screenprinting
Deep Green XXL - Printmaking, 78x178 cm ©2008 by Daniele Fissore - Figurative, figurative-594, Landscape, Daniele Fissore, Studio Fornaresio, green, deep green, paesaggio

Daniele Fissore

"Deep Green XXL"

Printmaking on Paper | 78x178 cm

Printmaking titled "Eau forte 22 - rect…" by Jean Kittel, Original Artwork, Etching
Eau forte 22 - recto - NL - 1/6 - Printmaking, 38x38 cm ©2023 by Jean Kittel - Abstract, abstract-570, Colorful, corrosion, etching, gravure, eau-forte, intaglio, estampe, aquaforte

Jean Kittel

"Eau forte 22 - recto - NL - 1/6"

Printmaking on Paper | 38x38 cm

Prints available
Printmaking titled "Il bacio e la Sicil…" by Piero Guccione, Original Artwork, Etching
Il bacio e la Sicilia XL - Printmaking, 105x84.7 cm ©2010 by Piero Guccione - Figurative, figurative-594, Love, sicilia, amore, bacio, arte, acquatinta, italia, azzurro, ocra, Studio Fornaresio

Piero Guccione

"Il bacio e la Sicilia XL"

Printmaking on Paper | 105x84.7 cm

Printmaking titled "Ubu aux Baléares" by Joan Miró, Original Artwork, Lithography
Ubu aux Baléares - Printmaking, 50.5x66 cm ©1971 by Joan Miró - Surrealism, surrealism-627, Abstract, joanmirò, surrealismo, litografia, collezionismo

Joan Miró

"Ubu aux Baléares"

Printmaking on Paper | 50.5x66 cm

Printmaking titled "O feitiço da maga" by Gustavo Fernandes, Original Artwork, Digital Print
O feitiço da maga - Printmaking, 80x60 cm ©2023 by Gustavo Fernandes - Surrealism, surrealism-627, Cartoon, disney, mulher, grafiti, pintura, arte

Gustavo Fernandes

"O feitiço da maga"

Printmaking on Canvas | 80x60 cm

Printmaking titled "Chromodynamics 4 -…" by Andrea Benítez, Original Artwork, Digital Print
Chromodynamics 4 - print - Printmaking, 150x100 cm ©2023 by Andrea Benítez - Abstract, abstract-570, Colorful, gradient, color, green, blue, yellow

Andrea Benítez

"Chromodynamics 4 - print"

Printmaking on Canvas | 150x100 cm

Printmaking titled "Dogs on a Beach" by Tim Southall, Original Artwork, Screenprinting
Dogs on a Beach - Printmaking, 40x50 cm ©2023 by Tim Southall - Figurative, figurative-594, Animal, dog, dogs, beach, fun, hounds, puppies, play, sea, ocean, atlantic

Tim Southall

"Dogs on a Beach"

Printmaking on Paper | 40x50 cm

Printmaking titled "Kallion" by Victor Vasarely, Original Artwork, Screenprinting
Kallion - Printmaking, 248.9x170.2 cm ©1989 by Victor Vasarely - Abstract, abstract-570, Colorful, Orange, abstrait, géométrique, jaune, vert, rouge

Victor Vasarely


Printmaking on Paper | 248.9x170.2 cm

Printmaking titled "Dittico B" by Aoi Huber, Original Artwork, Screenprinting
Dittico B - Printmaking, 100x35 cm ©1991 by Aoi Huber - Abstract, abstract-570, Geometric, Aoi Huber, Studio Fornaresio, Giappone, Tokyo, Astrattismo, colori, composizione

Aoi Huber

"Dittico B"

Printmaking on Paper | 100x35 cm