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1,168 Original Contemporary Sculptures For Sale: What is the[...]

1,168 Original Contemporary Sculptures For Sale:

What is the origin of the Wood technique?

Wood carving is a field that brings together the techniques of removing material (wood carving strictly speaking), as well as the techniques of adding material (wood sculpture). The wood sculptor, armed with his grinder, his grinding wheel, his router and his band saw, transforms the material in order to ennoble it with his creativity. Many artists have known how to flourish through this raw and vegetal medium. This is notably the case of Louise Nevelson, Ossip Zadkine and his cubist sculptures, Sophie Taeuber-Arp and her Dadaist compositions, Paul Gauguin, Barbara Hepworth and Juana Muller.

How to buy a wood sculpture online?

 As an art lover you really enjoy fine art sculptures and especially wood sculptures. Buying a wood sculpture is today so mainstream on the internet : wood sculptures come in all shapes, sizes (small, medium or large) and prices. 

There are several benefits to searching the internet for wood sculptures for sale : 

  •  time, no rush to run to art fairs or local exhibitions and art galleries
  •  the widest choice (thousands of websites and online art dealers)
  •  availability of devices to browse and location (phone swiping anywhere, laptop...)

Wood is one the most used quality material for a sculpture due to its durability. They are unquestionably contemporary artworks that personalize your house decor. The different perspectives and the three dimensionality of the wood sculptures  give a sense of warm harmony and modern aesthetics.

Before you decide to buy a wood sculpture from any online website, you should carefully read the description. For instance, the weight and dimensions of a statue should be specified. Additionally, it is a good idea to read the seller's publications and biography. A respected vendor is often well-known in the art world and has earned his reputation through time. 

Prior to adding a wood sculpture to your basket, please review the shipping policy. Websites will have varying regulations about delivery. You should carefully read them all before placing your order to ensure that the transaction goes well. We recommend that you utilize secure and safe payment methods, such as mobile phone validation. 

Wood sculptures are iconic artworks to pamper your home decoration. Browse our website artmajeur.com to find out more about the best wood sculptures available for sale online.

Discover contemporary Wood Sculptures on Artmajeur

Contemporary wood sculptures are a form of original artwork that has gained significant popularity over the years. These sculptures are created by carving, chiseling or shaping wood into various forms and shapes. The main types of supports used in wood sculptures are pedestals, plinths, or bases.

Sculpture,  148x26x8 cm
GEOMETRIE VUOTE Sculpture, 148x26x8 cm
©2023 Ivan Fabani

Origins and History

Wood sculptures have a rich and diverse history that dates back to ancient times. The earliest known wood carvings were found in Egypt and date back to around 2500 B.C. In Europe, the tradition of wood carving began in the Middle Ages, when churches and cathedrals were the primary patrons of artists. During the Renaissance, artists such as Michelangelo and Donatello began to incorporate wood carving into their work, elevating it to a fine art form. The 20th century saw a resurgence of interest in wood sculpture, with artists such as Henry Moore, Barbara Hepworth, and Isamu Noguchi pushing the boundaries of what was possible with the medium. Today, contemporary wood sculpture continues to evolve, with artists exploring new techniques and materials, and pushing the boundaries of what is possible with this ancient art form. Important queries related to wood sculpture include the types of wood used, the tools and techniques involved, and the ways in which artists incorporate the natural qualities of the wood into their work.

Sculpture,  243.8x61x61 cm
tall wood sculpture Sculpture, 243.8x61x61 cm
©2023 Matt Christine

Evolutions of theses works in the contemporary art market

Contemporary wood sculptures have undergone a remarkable evolution in recent years, with artists pushing boundaries and exploring new techniques to create unique and innovative pieces. With a focus on sustainability and environmental awareness, wood sculptures have become increasingly popular in the contemporary art market. Artists are experimenting with different types of wood, incorporating natural elements and combining wood with other materials to create intricate and visually striking pieces. The importance of wood sculptures in the contemporary art market cannot be overstated, with collectors and art enthusiasts alike seeking out these one-of-a-kind pieces. As the art world continues to evolve, it is clear that wood sculptures will play an increasingly vital role in defining the contemporary art landscape.

Sculpture,  96x92x5 cm
Yellow line Sculpture, 96x92x5 cm
©2023 Nazar Symotiuk

Related Famous Artists

Contemporary wood sculptures have gained immense popularity in recent years, and several artists have emerged as prominent figures in this genre. These artists have mastered the art of carving and shaping wood to create captivating sculptures that tell unique stories.

One such artist is Richard Deacon, who is known for his abstract wood sculptures that challenge traditional notions of sculpture. Deacon’s work often explores space and form, and his sculptures are characterized by their playful shapes and bright colors.

Another artist who has gained recognition for his contemporary wood sculptures is Urs Fischer. Fischer’s work often involves carving and manipulating wood to create intricate, life-sized sculptures that blur the line between reality and fiction. His sculptures are often inspired by everyday objects, and he uses humor and irony to create a sense of disorientation.

Martin Puryear is another artist who has made a name for himself in the world of contemporary wood sculpture. Puryear’s sculptures are characterized by their simple, organic shapes that evoke a sense of calmness and serenity. His work often explores themes related to identity and culture, and he uses traditional woodworking techniques to create his sculptures.

Finally, there is Alison Crowther, who is known for her large-scale wood sculptures that are inspired by nature. Crowther’s sculptures often make use of multiple pieces of wood, which she carefully carves and shapes to create intricate, three-dimensional forms. Her work is characterized by its attention to detail and its ability to capture the essence of the natural world.

In conclusion, these four artists are just a few examples of the many talented sculptors who are pushing the boundaries of contemporary wood sculpture. Through their innovative use of materials, techniques, and themes, they are creating works that challenge, inspire, and delight audiences around the world.

Sculpture,  32x23x6 cm
Eat the egg baby Sculpture, 32x23x6 cm
©2023 Aleksandr Stepanov

Notable contemporary Wood Sculptures

Wood sculptures have been a part of human art for centuries, and Contemporary Artists continue to create breathtaking pieces that push the boundaries of the medium. Here are some notable examples:

  1. "The Thinker" by Mark Handforth, created in 2016, is a large-scale sculpture of a bent streetlamp. The lamp is made of wood and painted silver, and its curve suggests a contemplative pose.

  2. "Wandering Mountain" by Jaume Plensa, created in 2014, is a towering sculpture made of carved wooden beams. The beams are arranged in a lattice pattern that evokes a mountain range, and the piece is over 40 feet tall.

  3. "Chilean Heart" by Sebastian Errazuriz, created in 2012, is a wooden sculpture of a heart. The heart is made of overlapping wooden slats that can be opened and closed like a box, revealing hidden compartments and messages.

  4. "Transit" by Ursula von Rydingsvard, created in 2011, is a massive wooden sculpture that resembles a twisted, organic form. The piece is made of cedar and stands over 20 feet tall.

  5. "Lightning with Stag in its Glare" by Masayuki Nagare, created in 1995, is a wooden sculpture that depicts a lightning bolt flashing through a stag’s antlers. The piece is carved from a single block of wood and has a striking, dynamic presence.

These works demonstrate the versatility and power of wood as a sculptural medium, and the skill and creativity of contemporary artists who work with it. Whether abstract or representational, these sculptures engage the viewer’s emotions and imagination, and invite us to see the world in new ways.

Most Relevant | Newest

Sculpture titled "GEOMETRIE VUOTE" by Ivan Fabani, Original Artwork, Wood
GEOMETRIE VUOTE - Sculpture, 148x26x8 cm ©2023 by Ivan Fabani - Abstract, abstract-570, Abstract

Ivan Fabani


Sculpture - Wood | 148x26x8 cm

Sculpture titled "Eat the egg baby" by Aleksandr Stepanov, Original Artwork, Wood
Eat the egg baby - Sculpture, 32x23x6 cm ©2023 by Aleksandr Stepanov - Figurative, figurative-594, History, egg, women, wood, baby, imposition

Aleksandr Stepanov

"Eat the egg baby"

Sculpture - Wood | 32x23x6 cm

Sculpture titled "Mondrian Surfboard" by Guillaume Anthony, Original Artwork, Wood
Mondrian Surfboard - Sculpture, 170.2x45.7x2.5 cm ©2023 by Guillaume Anthony - Pop Art, pop-art-615, Pop Culture, pop art, surfboard, Mondrian, Colors

Guillaume Anthony

"Mondrian Surfboard"

Sculpture - Wood | 170.2x45.7x2.5 cm

Sculpture titled "Forma Z" by Manel Marzo-Mart, Original Artwork, Wood
Forma Z - Sculpture, 30x17x7 cm ©2023 by Manel Marzo-Mart - Abstract, abstract-570, Geometric

Manel Marzo-Mart

"Forma Z"

Sculpture - Wood | 30x17x7 cm

Sculpture titled "The unexpected shad…" by Liquette-Gorbach, Original Artwork, Wood
The unexpected shadow - Sculpture, 25x21x17 cm ©2015 by Liquette-Gorbach - Figurative, figurative-594, Love, head, wood, sculpture, sculpted, woodwork, woodart, wooden, figurative, modernsculpture, artwork, sculptureart, woodsculpture


"The unexpected shadow"

Sculpture - Wood | 25x21x17 cm

Sculpture titled "Atlas" by Jesús Barbosa, Original Artwork, Wood
Atlas - Sculpture, 102x98x100 cm ©2020 by Jesús Barbosa - Fauvism, fauvism-942, Animal, escarabajo, atlas, madera, novato, escultura

Jesús Barbosa


Sculpture - Wood | 102x98x100 cm

Sculpture titled "Anmut und Eleganz" by Heike Lüders, Original Artwork, Wood
Anmut und Eleganz - Sculpture, 35x15x10 cm ©2023 by Heike Lüders - Figurative, figurative-594, Women Portraits, wooden sculpture, portrait, olive wood, bust, woman

Heike Lüders

"Anmut und Eleganz"

Sculpture - Wood | 35x15x10 cm

Sculpture titled "Rainbow" by Karen Ossona, Original Artwork, Wood
Rainbow - Sculpture, 170x20x20 cm ©2023 by Karen Ossona - Outsider Art, outsider-art-1044, Colorful

Karen Ossona


Sculpture - Wood | 170x20x20 cm

Sculpture titled "scultura Trinity" by Massimo Iacovelli, Original Artwork, Wood
scultura Trinity - Sculpture, 76x30x30 cm ©2023 by Massimo Iacovelli - Music

Massimo Iacovelli

"scultura Trinity"

Sculpture - Wood | 76x30x30 cm

Sculpture titled "Magma" by Marco Villa, Original Artwork, Wood
Magma - Sculpture, 55x100x4 cm ©2023 by Marco Villa - Land Art, land-art-957, Colorful

Marco Villa


Sculpture - Wood | 55x100x4 cm

Sculpture titled "Driftwood Bull" by M. Engin Akabali, Original Artwork, Wood
Driftwood Bull - Sculpture, 29x27x16 cm ©2022 by M. Engin Akabali - Outsider Art, outsider-art-1044, Animal, driftwood, wood, bull, Treibholz, Stier, tjur, toro

M. Engin Akabali

"Driftwood Bull"

Sculpture - Wood | 29x27x16 cm

Sculpture titled "Экосистема 4" by Iurii Rostislavskii, Original Artwork, Wood Mounted on Wood Panel
Экосистема 4 - Sculpture, 60x60x1 cm ©2023 by Iurii Rostislavskii - Abstract, abstract-570, Science

Iurii Rostislavskii

"Экосистема 4"

Sculpture - Wood | 60x60x1 cm

Sculpture titled "tall wood sculpture" by Matt Christine, Original Artwork, Wood
tall wood sculpture - Sculpture, 243.8x61x61 cm ©2023 by Matt Christine - Abstract, abstract-570, Nature, wood, sculpture, wood sculpture

Matt Christine

"tall wood sculpture"

Sculpture - Wood | 243.8x61x61 cm

Sculpture titled "brutalist funcional…" by Jeanbaptiste Van Den Heede, Original Artwork, Wood
brutalist funcional sculpture - Sculpture, 43x60x60 cm ©2023 by Jeanbaptiste Van Den Heede - Oriental Art, oriental-art-940

Jeanbaptiste Van Den Heede

"brutalist funcional sculpture"

Sculpture - Wood | 43x60x60 cm

Sculpture titled "Uomo di gesso" by Joshua Stazio, Original Artwork, Wood
Uomo di gesso - Sculpture, 70x45x20 cm ©2023 by Joshua Stazio - Conceptual Art, conceptual-art-579, Men portraits, gabbia, lavoro, esistenza, fatica

Joshua Stazio

"Uomo di gesso"

Sculpture - Wood | 70x45x20 cm

Sculpture titled "Troll king's cup" by Francesc Serra, Original Artwork, Wood
Troll king's cup - Sculpture, 43.3x16x16 cm ©2007 by Francesc Serra - Land Art, land-art-957, Fantasy

Francesc Serra

"Troll king's cup"

Sculpture - Wood | 43.3x16x16 cm

Sculpture titled "The Circle (#8)" by Carla Sá Fernandes, Original Artwork, Wood Mounted on Wood Stretcher frame
The Circle (#8) - Sculpture, 100x100x10 cm ©2023 by Carla Sá Fernandes - Abstract, abstract-570, Abstract, abstract, spray paint, cork, wood, cork leather, sculpture, mixed media, wall art, relief, wall hanging, wall decor, carla sa fernandes, gold, elegant, minimal, minimalism, natural, sustainable

Carla Sá Fernandes

"The Circle (#8)"

Sculpture - Wood | 100x100x10 cm

Sculpture titled "Wood sculpture chest" by Anton Kamenev, Original Artwork, Wood
Wood sculpture chest - Sculpture, 60x40x3 cm ©2022 by Anton Kamenev - Hyperrealism, hyperrealism-612, Fashion, body, chest, body figure, wood body, wood figure, Wood sculpture, loft, decoration, decor, nude chest, muscle

Anton Kamenev

"Wood sculpture chest"

Sculpture - Wood | 60x40x3 cm

Sculpture titled "harcèlement" by Christophe Lm, Original Artwork, Wood
harcèlement - Sculpture, 20x25x7 cm ©2010 by Christophe Lm - Abstract, abstract-570, Abstract, harcèlement

Christophe Lm


Sculpture - Wood | 20x25x7 cm

Sculpture titled "Z cyklu Anioły Besk…" by Alex Johanson, Original Artwork, Wood
Z cyklu Anioły Beskidzkie: Anioł Noworoczny z Pańskiej Góry - Sculpture, 55x30x12 cm ©2023 by Alex Johanson - Expressionism, expressionism-591, Religion

Alex Johanson

"Z cyklu Anioły Beskidzkie: Anioł Noworoczny z Pańskiej Góry"

Sculpture - Wood | 55x30x12 cm

Sculpture titled "Sapphires" by Pablo Alfredo De La Peña, Original Artwork, Wood
Sapphires - Sculpture, 38.1x22.9x22.9 cm ©2023 by Pablo Alfredo De La Peña - Geometric, geometric-572, Cartoon, blue, geometric, wood, sculpture, pop

Pablo Alfredo De La Peña


Sculpture - Wood | 38.1x22.9x22.9 cm

Sculpture titled "BANKSYWOOD GOLD LOV…" by Ravi, Original Artwork, Wood
BANKSYWOOD GOLD LOVE FEUILLE D'OR - Sculpture, 25x14x8 cm ©2023 by Ravi - Pop Art, pop-art-615, Pop Culture, pop art, street art, love, amour, coeur, banksy, heart, sculpture



Sculpture - Wood | 25x14x8 cm

Sculpture titled "ἌΡΗΣ / ARES" by Andrey And Aleksey Kulibin, Original Artwork, Wood
ἌΡΗΣ / ARES - Sculpture, 95x95x4 cm ©2023 by Andrey And Aleksey Kulibin - Figurative, figurative-594, Greek God Mythology, Ares, Bold Modern Artwork, Mythological Art, Modern Portrait Art, Lagre portrait painting, Contemporary Concept Art, A white bright picture, Abstract face picture, maximalist wall art, Figurative Art

Andrey And Aleksey Kulibin


Sculpture - Wood | 95x95x4 cm

On Request
Sculpture titled "petite fille" by André Saunier, Original Artwork, Wood
petite fille - Sculpture, 44x15x14 cm ©2018 by André Saunier - Figurative, figurative-594

André Saunier

"petite fille"

Sculpture - Wood | 44x15x14 cm

Sculpture titled "Yellow line" by Nazar Symotiuk, Original Artwork, Wood
Yellow line - Sculpture, 96x92x5 cm ©2023 by Nazar Symotiuk - Abstract, abstract-570, Geometric, color, abstract, contemporary, conceptual, wall, wood, sculpture, pegs, interior, white

Nazar Symotiuk

"Yellow line"

Sculpture - Wood | 96x92x5 cm

Sculpture titled "Bird of the Mind" by Thierry Corpet (Raymond X), Original Artwork, Wood
Bird of the Mind - Sculpture, 95x24x22 cm ©2023 by Thierry Corpet (Raymond X) - Abstract, abstract-570, Geometric, geometric, bois, couleurs, totem, 100cm, neo tribal

Thierry Corpet (Raymond X)

"Bird of the Mind"

Sculpture - Wood | 95x24x22 cm

On Request
Sculpture titled "La flamme" by Gaël Maryn, Original Artwork, Wood
La flamme - Sculpture, 85x20x20 cm ©2023 by Gaël Maryn - Outsider Art, outsider-art-1044, Tree, bois, nature, arbre, feu

Gaël Maryn

"La flamme"

Sculpture - Wood | 85x20x20 cm

Sculpture titled "Euphorie" by Shelby, Original Artwork, Wood Mounted on Wood Panel
Euphorie - Sculpture, 100x100x3 cm ©2023 by Shelby - Street Art, street-art-624



Sculpture - Wood | 100x100x3 cm

Sculpture titled "Sculpture pop'ice C…" by 2mé / Blondeau, Original Artwork, Wood
Sculpture pop'ice Champagne M - Sculpture, 21x7x7 cm ©2023 by 2mé / Blondeau - Street Art, street-art-624, Graffiti, graffiti, street art, pop-art, sculpture, 2mé, ice, glace

2mé / Blondeau

"Sculpture pop'ice Champagne M"

Sculpture - Wood | 21x7x7 cm

Sculpture titled "Icarus" by Marcin Otapowicz, Original Artwork, Wood
Icarus - Sculpture, 115x245x40 cm ©2022 by Marcin Otapowicz - Figurative, figurative-594, Male Nudes, sculpture, marcin otapowicz, wood sculpture, da vinci, icarus, reneisance

Marcin Otapowicz


Sculpture - Wood | 115x245x40 cm

Sculpture titled "Urban Dancer I" by Sheraya_berlin, Original Artwork, Wood
Urban Dancer I - Sculpture, 43x59x6 cm ©2020 by Sheraya_berlin - Figurative, figurative-594, Dance, Tänzer, Skulpturen, Freiheit, Sinnlichkeit, Nähe, Figuren, Standbild, Holz, Cutout


"Urban Dancer I"

Sculpture - Wood | 43x59x6 cm

Sculpture titled ""Whimsical Whiskers…" by Thang Vu, Original Artwork, Wood
"Whimsical Whiskers": Driftwood Squirrel - Sculpture, 30x28x14 cm ©2022 by Thang Vu - Abstract, abstract-570, Animal, driftwood, fox, squirrel

Thang Vu

""Whimsical Whiskers": Driftwood Squirrel"

Sculpture - Wood | 30x28x14 cm

Sculpture titled "Portale del tempo" by Giovanni Capelletti, Original Artwork, Wood
Portale del tempo - Sculpture, 46x46x12 cm ©2023 by Giovanni Capelletti - Abstract, abstract-570

Giovanni Capelletti

"Portale del tempo"

Sculpture - Wood | 46x46x12 cm

Sculpture titled "L'Ignoto" by Deusmou, Original Artwork, Wood
L'Ignoto - Sculpture, 100x100x6 cm ©2023 by Deusmou - Abstract, abstract-570, Abstract, astratto, legno, scultura



Sculpture - Wood | 100x100x6 cm

Sculpture titled "La Musique .2 # 3" by Claude Lopez, Original Artwork, Wood
La Musique .2 # 3 - Sculpture, 200x85x60 cm ©2023 by Claude Lopez - Conceptual Art, conceptual-art-579, Music

Claude Lopez

"La Musique .2 # 3"

Sculpture - Wood | 200x85x60 cm

Sculpture titled "Bidal." by Sha Kama, Original Artwork, Wood
Bidal. - Sculpture, 36x11x10 cm ©2023 by Sha Kama - Abstract, abstract-570, Abstract

Sha Kama


Sculpture - Wood | 36x11x10 cm